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Ukrainian forces hit seven enemy command posts – General Staff


Ukraine’s Protection Forces struck 7 command posts and six locations of focus of staff of the Russian troops during the present-day day, December 10.

The Common Staff members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine mentioned this in its night update as of 18:00, Ukrinform experiences.

According to the Standard Staff members, through the existing day, the enemy carried out 15 air strikes and much more than 15 MLRS assaults.

At night, the enemy attacked the vitality infrastructure amenities in Odesa and Mykolaiv locations with Iranian-made Shakhed-136 UAVs. As lots of as 10 out of 15 UAVs had been shot down.

The menace of the enemy missile assaults on the objects of the electricity system and important infrastructure continues to be all through the territory of Ukraine.

The Republic of Belarus proceeds to guidance the armed aggression of the Russian Federation from Ukraine, delivers infrastructure for the training of enemy units.

In order to counteract quite a few circumstances of desertion in models of the Russia occupation forces in Luhansk region, SMS messages are becoming despatched to subscribers of the Lugacom cellular community with a warning about legal liability for leaving the destinations of company and lasting deployment points of army models.

According to the General Team, the Ukrainians forces struck the region of focus of Russian staff in the quickly occupied territory of Zaporozhe area. Up to 150 invaders were injured, 50 of them have been taken to the healthcare facility in the metropolis of Melitopol. Data about enemy losses is getting clarified.

At the checkpoints all-around the city of Berdiansk, counter-subversive actions was strengthened, the amount of assistance associates of the Russian occupation forces increased. In addition, checks of civilians are carried out much more totally. People today with no local registration are not authorized into the town.

In the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region, in the town of Horlivka, considering that December 8, the profession administration calls on reps of smaller and medium-sized firms to function remotely because of to the improved hazard of shelling allegedly from the Defense Forces. To intimidate local people, the Russian occupiers fired 4 152-mm artillery rounds at the city heart.

“During the existing working day, units of the missile forces and artillery of Ukraine’s Defense Forces strike 7 command posts, 6 parts of concentration of manpower, an artillery cluster and an ammunition depot of the enemy,” the report claims.

As reported by Ukrinform, Ukraine’s Protection Forces removed about 93,760 Russian troops from February 24 to December 10, including 370 invaders on December 9.


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