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Treating transgender minors: Doctors, youth and parents talk

(NewsNation) — The question of when to offer medical interventions to a minor who identifies as transgender is a sensitive one. Experts say it saves lives, but some doctors are urging caution.

Chris Cuomo and investigative reporter Rich McHugh speak to doctors, medical experts, young trans people and others who transitioned — but later detransitioned — to get the full picture.

Most major American medical groups support gender-affirming treatment and procedures for minors who want it. But some experts say they may be putting youth through the process too quickly.

One survey found about 8% of responding transgender and gender-diverse adults have detransitioned, though a majority of those (62%) went back to being trans. Still, some who transitioned earlier in life are coming forward with stories of regret and caution.

This hour-long special talks to people living the reality of this often-politicized topic, including doctors involved in treating kids and advising families, parents hoping they make the right choices and young people themselves. You can watch it in the player above.