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These are the ‘worst’ holiday gifts, according to one survey – and why some think candles definitely should make the list

Girl is unhappy about her Christmas present, she is making a grimacing face expression.

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  • Over 6,000 adults around the world shared their “bad gift” experiences in a new survey.
  • Twenty-eight percent of respondents thought defective discount items were the worst.
  • Candles also aren’t considered a great gift choice, Women’s Health Magazine reports.

If you’re thinking about giving a gift from the clearance rack, thousands of respondents in one global survey are begging you to think again.

More than 6,000 adults from the US, UK, Spain, and Germany shared their opinions and experiences with “bad” holiday gifts in a survey from ContextLogic Inc. — the parent company of e-commerce site Wish, according to Fox Business.

Defective items bought at a discounted price topped the list, while 10% of respondents said knockoff luxury items weren’t a good idea. Gifts related to weight loss — including a scale, a gym membership, and other weight loss items — also were among the top 10 worst gifts, according to the respondents.

Though not on ContextLogic’s list of bad gifts, candles have taken hits for being less than ideal, according to Women’s Health Magazine’s “13 Gifts That Are Better Than A Candle.” The article suggests a list of items with “more personality” than a candle. 

The list of the 10 “worst gift ideas,” according to thousands of adults around the world.

Defective items bought at discount (28%)

Fruitcake (23%)

Weight loss items (21%)

Political gifts (20%)

Out-of-style clothing (16%)

Cheap chocolates (13%)

Christmas ties (13%)

Weight scale (12%)

Knockoff luxury items (10%)

Gym membership (10%)

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