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The world reacts to the crisis at the U.S. Capitol – 7:03 AM 1/8/2021

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The world reacts to the crisis at the U.S. Capitol 

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    El 8 de enero de 1959 La Caravana de la Libertad encabezada por Fidel llegó a La Habana, símbolo de victoria. Ese espíritu nos ha acompañado durante 62 años de ardua lucha y auto renovación. Pueblo y Revolución vencerán retos 2021.  Via @Granma_Digital

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    ‘Orchestrating A Mob’: William Barr Accuses Trump Of ‘Betrayal Of His Office And Supporters’:
    Former Attorney General William Barr accused President Donald Trump on Thursday of “orchestrating a mob” of his supporters to pressure 

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    posted at 09:01:25 UTC by admin via Sites from Michael_Novakhov (51 sites)
    A Chicago real estate agent has been fired after posting on social media from the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, her former employer announced.

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    Maryland company terminates employee after he was seen wearing badge during Capitol rioting 

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    The Justice Department said on Thursday that it would not rule out pursuing charges against President Trump for his possible role in inciting the mob that stormed the Capitol building a day earlier.

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