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The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s cabinet: rewards for failure | Editorial

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A long back catalogue of scandal and incompetence in government makes it impossible for the Tories to turn over a new leaf

Since the start of this year, there have been 147 government resignations or sackings. That doesn’t mean 147 individuals have changed jobs. In many cases it is the same people cycling in and out of office. Suella Braverman holds the record, with just six days elapsing between her being fired from the Home Office by Liz Truss and rehired by Rishi Sunak.

Dominic Raab waited a little longer for rehabilitation, dismissed as justice secretary on 6 September, back in post by 25 October. How long he continues in office might depend on the outcome of an independent investigation into claims of bullying staff. Mr Raab denies all wrongdoing.

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