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2 coders made a teleprompter AI that suggests smart things to say during your work meetings

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Woman on a Zoom call, laughingTele-Prompt is an AI chat bot that listens to users and generates things to say during work meetings.

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  • Two coders shared a demo of Tele-Prompt, an AI that generates things to say during work meetings.
  • Tele-Prompt uses natural language processing to suggest sales advice and slogans meant to inspire.
  • The bot isn’t a consumer product, but its code is publically available on GitHub.

Two coders have shared a demo of a project they’re calling Tele-Prompt — an AI-bot that listens in on work meetings and simultaneously generates interesting quotes that you could choose to interject into the conversation.

For example, the software developers showed how Tele-Prompt could be used to spin up quotes that emulate the advice that sales leaders could provide to their staff.

—Daniel Gross (@danielgross) December 20, 2022

One quote said that “you can never learn sales by reading books and watching videos” and suggested that “to learn Sales (telesales) dial 300+ calls daily,” according to the demo. Another quote advised workers to “never make a sales pitch as the way you introduce yourself,” but rather emphasize how they can “help people and businesses.”

The bot has even generated slogans meant to inspire like “Freedom is a daring liberation” and “Freedom is a state of mind.” 

Tele-Prompt uses a language processing model known as GPT-3 that draws quotes from Kaggle’s quote database to suggest charismatic comments, one of the coders involved in building the bot tweeted. 

The bot was built by Daniel Gross, an entrepreneur and investor who led AI and search projects at Apple for four years, and Nat Friedman, the former CEO of GitHub who said that he frequently invests in startups with Gross.

Tele-Prompt comes as conversational AI chat bots such as ChatGPT rise in popularity, prompting curious users to experiment with its capabilities and sparking debates over whether it or a similar tool will one day replace traditional search engines. The company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, announced the AI had attracted 1 million users five days after its launch.

While Gross tweeted that the Tele-Prompt demo “is a bit of a joke,” he hopes that it “provides an example of a step in a more serious direction” towards the future of AI.

The bot is not available in a consumer app. However, its code is publically available on GitHub, which has inspired spinoff versions from other AI enthusiasts. 

Coder Georgi Gerganov, for instance, revamped the Tele-Prompt so that the bot can run on an iPhone, according to a demo he tweeted.

As technology continues to advance, Gross tweeted that AI language models are “a really interesting area of exploration.”

“I hope more people have fun with it in the coming months,” he said. 

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