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I charge up to $80 an hour on Taskrabbit for holiday tasks like gift wrapping and decorating. This season bring more jobs, new gigs, and better tips.

headshot of Vanessa GarciaVanessa Garcia.

Courtesy of Vanessa Garcia

  • Vanessa Garcia works as a Tasker on Taskrabbit doing a variety of services for clients in LA.
  • Her hourly rate goes up to $80 an hour for holiday tasks like gift wrapping and party planning.
  • She says having a positive attitude is key to keeping clients happy and earning tips.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Vanessa Garcia, a 29-year-old Tasker for Taskrabbit who lives in the Los Angeles area, about her job. Insider has verified her business’ revenue with documentation. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

I’m a full-time Tasker, and I currently offer 25 different skills on the app. These include personal-assistant work, project coordination/management, organization, furniture assembly, event staffing, and entertainment.

In 2017, a friend told me about Taskrabbit and I decided to try it. I thought it was amazing that you could get paid to put together Ikea furniture. Once I signed up for Taskrabbit, I found out you could do a lot more. Tasking eventually went from a weekend gig to my full-time revenue stream.

The holidays bring a variety of more work

There tends to be more events around the holidays, which means plenty of gift wrapping and decoration. The comparison between my earnings in the months of November and December and the months in the middle of the summer comes down to the amount of work that I personally do. Because it’s the holidays, sometimes I’m out of town, and that affects my earnings.

I generally don’t work on actual holiday dates, however, if I were to work on New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving, I’d most definitely up-charge, and I’d notify my clients in advance that the rate is a holiday rate. Besides the actual holiday “day,” I generally don’t raise my rates during the holiday season. l don’t lower my rates for the holidays either to attract more clients.

Clients during the holidays are definitely carrying more stress, as they want their families to have a great time during events, or simply because they want to get their houses organized before their guests visit.

In past holiday seasons, I’ve been hired to host 4th of July barbecues, Thanksgiving dinner, and plenty of holiday parties

I’ve heard from other Taskers that they’ve been hired to install lights during the holidays. Most of the time, clients want me to help with preparing meals, keeping things tidy, and making sure they’re able to enjoy the event instead of having to worry about catering to their guests.

When planning holiday parties, I always ask for the number of guests. They tend to be very intimate — just family or a small friends gathering. Most of the events that I’ve had to plan have been for up to 30 people. It’s incredibly fun and very rewarding because you get to plan all the details, from the decor to the food.

I work hand in hand with my clients to make sure that everything is to their liking. I would say the only downside is that it’s demanding because everything needs to come together at the same time for the client, but I’m sure that any event planner can attest to this.

Gift-wrapping and decorating tasks are pretty self-explanatory

How I wrap a present varies depending on the clients’ desired wrapping, ribbons, bows, and bags. I once had a client hire me to wrap 50 hardcover books and pack them in their own box along with a unique holiday card and then ship them. For the book wrapping, I made $216.75 at $51 per hour for four hours and 15 minutes.

In terms of decorating, most of the time all the decor is already where the event will take place, and I just have to set it up, make sure everything is where it needs to be, and make it look beautiful. One client hired me for holiday decorating through a packing and unpacking gig. He was moving, and once he moved, he wanted me to unpack all the holiday decor and decorate his home with what he had. He also asked me to put up the Christmas tree. The total of this packing and unpacking came to $408 without tip, and I worked for eight hours, again at $51 an hour. This client tipped me around $80.

In 2021, I increased my rate

I raised it from $45 to $60 per hour to $55 to $80 per hour, and I was still constantly getting hired at my higher rates. I started on the app earning about $18 per hour, and now I average $75 per hour. My organization and interior-design tasks have given me the most earnings.

From the summer of 2021 to the holiday season of 2021, I gradually increased my pricing by 10% to test the waters to see if I would keep on getting hired for that price. Eventually, I kept my higher rate as I kept getting hired.

I’ve gotten tipped more than $100 over the holidays for organization, furniture assembly, and present-wrapping tasks. I’d say overall, even with clients being a little more stressed, they’re nicer, and as long as you’re professional and great work is done, the client is most thankful for it.

During the winter holidays, the biggest thing is to keep your list of skills broad on the app

I like to go on the app and see what other tasks I can add that I might not have seen before. The more variety of work you offer, the more chances you have of getting hired.

Be aware that there could be some scams when it comes to shopping, and steer clear of things that could be platform abusers trying to scam you. Never buy gift cards for clients, always make sure you ask Taskrabbit Support if there are funds for the purchase required, and always keep receipts.

As cliché as it sounds, being positive makes tasks flow better. Also, don’t be afraid to raise your rates. If you’re offering quality services, then clients will hire you at a higher rate.

A Taskrabbit spokesperson told Insider: “Taskrabbit’s top priority is the safety of all users, including Taskers and clients. We don’t allow tasks involving the online purchase of goods for in-store pick-up, cash withdrawal, cryptocurrency, or gift cards for security reasons. We also ask Taskers to please contact our Support Team before making any large purchases on behalf of a client.”

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