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The FBI Reform –

July 4, 2022 4:15 am

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SolarWinds – FireEye: A German Hacking behind the Russian mask? (And not the first one, by far…). Get a good microscope. – 5:22 AM 1/3/2021 – Tweets by ‎@mikenov

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5:22 AM 1/3/2021 – Tweets 

  1. Audio Posts – Federal Agents Who Violate Individual Rights Can Be Sued For Damages, Supreme Court Rules, and other stories – January 2, 2021 

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    Frustrations flare as $2,000 checks blocked for fourth straight day 

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  3. COVID-19 Cases Spike In California With Front-Line Workers Pushed To Breaking Point | TODAY – TODAY 

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  4. Mike Nova’s favorite articles on Inoreader: Bitcoin Value Leaps Over the $31K Handle, BTC Sees an All-Time Price High in 2021 

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    We negotiated with North Korea from a position of strength.

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    The big US political question is being posed by Ed Luce: “Will Trumpism outlast Trump?”
    Ed wisely avoids answering his question, but his non-answer sounds like a yes: “it is unlikely to be the day he retires from politics.” 

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    California becomes new epicenter in COVID-19 pandemic with record deaths on New Year’s Day 

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    Great investigative work done by the following: Manhattan Special Victims, 13th Precinct Detective Squad, Crime Scene Unit, and Latent Print Section. They quickly identified the suspect of a rape and home invasion that occurred on New Year’s Eve inside the victim’s apartment.

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