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Dem. Senator Joe Manchin dodges question on whether he plans to change parties: ‘I’ll let you know later what I decide to do’

Joe ManchinSen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

  • Sen. Joe Manchin dodged questions about whether he will remain in the Democratic party.
  • “I’ll let you know later what I decide to do,” Manchin told Margaret Brennan on CBS “Face the Nation.”
  • Manchin’s comments follow Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s announcement to leave the Democratic Party.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin avoided questions about whether he will decide to switch political parties on CBS “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Manchin about his comments after his permitting reform amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act failed to make it through the Senate, where Manchin said that he serves “an Independent voice, not a political party.” 

“You talked about “toxic tribal politics,” why are you staying a member of this tribe if it’s so toxic?,” Brennan asked.

Manchin answered that he doesn’t see “much validity in the identity of being a Republican or Democrat.”

“I think we’re all Americans,” Manchin said on “Face the Nation.” “You know, I grew up in an age when, if you’re a Republican or Democrat, we all acknowledged that we had a problem.”

Manchin continued by saying that most politicians in the current American political climate only want to “blame somebody” for made-up problems so that they can gain popularity.

Brennan then asked Manchin if he saw any value in becoming an Independent and not being affiliated with a political party. Manchin answered that his focus is on the Inflation Reduction Act and “seeing how that plays out.”

“Let’s see how that plays out,” Manchin said. “Now, I’ll let you know later what I decide to do. But right now, I have no intentions of changing anything except working for West Virginians, trying to give them more opportunities, better quality of life, and basically making sure our country is energy secured.”

Manchin’s comments follow Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s announcement earlier this month that she will leave the Democratic Party and register as an independent.

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