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Russia must go through what Germans did on May 8-9, 1945


Ukraine, together with its partners, should locate an reply to the issue of how to make absolutely sure that immediately after Ukraine’s victory, culture in Russia, the place that unleashed this war, stops thinking aggressively and seeking to physically ruin their neighbor.

These types of an viewpoint was expressed by the Deputy Minister of International Affairs, Andrij Melnyk, on the air of the national telethon, Ukrinform studies.

As the diplomat famous, the Ukrainian Peace System is the initially phase towards molding a put up-war world get. But we also need to have to imagine about how to formulate what our victory is and how we want to see Russia, he said.

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“Our Western companions say: you advance to the borders (as of 1991 – ed.), which is practical. No a single there rejects this and no a person denies that it is within just the power of our Armed Forces. But what is upcoming? My remedy is simple: Russia will have to go by means of what the Germans did on Might 8-9, 1945. This is not only about capitulation, complete and unconditional surrender without any negotiations… No a person negotiated with Hitler, while he tried out to do so… But what happened following? Germany was occupied by the Allies, and there was a so-termed de-Nazification course of action – that’s what the Russians meant to introduce right here,” stated Melnyk.

He famous that “Russia is not likely to be occupied by us – at least now this selection is however not a precedence.” In accordance to the senior diplomat, the principal dilemma is how to make modern society in Russia, which began this war, “stop imagining aggressively and wanting to bodily wipe out their neighbor.”

“There is no respond to to this, and we will not solution ourselves, due to the fact the question is much too fundamental. In this article we require to mirror with our partners – People, Germans, and Britons, how to make a new huge war, its repetition not possible, possibly in an even a lot more brutal dimension than we see now. And these are the difficulties that genuinely concern us,” the deputy minister emphasized.

As claimed, very last November, President Volodymyr Zelensky set ahead the Ukrainian Peace Formula. In unique, it is about radiation, nuclear, foods, abd electrical power protection, the launch of all prisoners and deportees, implementation of the UN Charter and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the world buy, withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities, return of justice, countering ecocide, stopping escalation, and fixating the conclusion of war.

The head of point out also initiated the convening of the Components Peace World wide Summit this winter.

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