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Resources likely ‘maxed out’ in Idaho stabbing investigation

(NewsNation) — Some may think that because the city of Moscow doesn’t have a large population, it might be easier to find a suspect in the case of four University of Idaho students stabbed to death in a rental home near campus.

But forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, a professor at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, said this isn’t necessarily the case.

“Commonly, university towns are very transient,” Morgan, who is also the host of the podcast  “Body Bags” said. This means there is less of a chance to interview students in person because of the nature of the town.

While phone or Skype interviews are great, Morgan said, nothing compares to live one-on-one conversations with witnesses or even potential perpetrators.

Additionally, a smaller community like Moscow doesn’t have as big of a police force as a large metropolis, meaning the police are “spread thin,” Morgan added.

“Their resources are being maxed out at this point,” he said on “NewsNation Live.”

Watch the full interview with Morgan in the video above.