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Pence confident in Speaker McCarthy, GOP-led House

(NewsNation) — Former Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t fear potential infighting in the Republican Party, despite a tense showdown last week while selecting the speaker of the House.

During an interview Wednesday with NewsNation’s partner The Hill, Pence said he has “every confidence” in newly selected Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy and a Republican-led House.

“This new energetic conservative majority showed last week that they’re willing to stand for what they believe in but also able to come together and move forward solutions that’ll really put our country back on track,” Pence said.

Signs of possible intraparty fighting arose as lawmakers worked to select a new speaker. McCarthy ultimately won, but not without acquiescing to a group of conservative holdouts who were demanding the ability for only one member to trigger a vote of no confidence, among other items.

Pence, however, was optimistic about the future of a House with a Republican majority getting back to “conservative values.”

“I’m also confident that Speaker McCarthy and this new conservative majority are also going to be piling on Chuck Schumer’s desk in the Senate solutions to the challenges that are facing the American people,” Pence said.

Among those priorities are tackling inflation, securing the border, addressing crime, and supporting the military, Pence said.

Looking ahead, Pence said he expects to see Republicans “provide a check on the runaway spending and liberal policies of the Biden administration,” including inquiries about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“I think the oversight role of the House of Representatives is an important role and I wholly support …getting the American people answers on the question of the Hunter Biden laptop.”

Though the former vice president didn’t say whether he intends to run for president, he did say Republican voters would have better options in the 2024 election.

“At the end of the day, I think it’s a new day,” Pence said. “I think it calls for new leadership and I have every confidence that the American people and Republican voters will have better choices come 2024.”