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Kanye West: ‘I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis’


In the latest installment of Kanye West’s antisemitic, far-right diatribes, the rapper went on Alex Jones’s Infowars in a two-hour livestream on Thursday afternoon, along with noted white supremacist Nick Fuentes, whom West recently named as his adviser for a 2024 presidential campaign.

During the broadcast, West, who was wearing an opaque black mask over his entire face, went on numerous antisemitic diatribes echoing his recent statements, including blaming Jews and “Zionists” for “debanking” his accounts and financially attacking him.

But West also openly declared his support for Hitler and the Nazis. “I see good things about Hitler also,” West said at one point. “Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

“The Jewish media have made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have nothing to offer the world,” West added.

West also repeatedly did an impression of incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by speaking in a mocking, high-pitched voice. (West simply called the politician “Netan,” explaining that he had only learned Netanyahu’s name two weeks prior and had decided to drop the “yahu.” Earlier in the broadcast, he acted out a bit about the name Netanyahu with a small net and a bottle of Yoo-hoo beverage.)

It’s this kind of thing. Here is Kanye talking to a prop “Bibi Netanyahu” he brought with him. Unbelievably, this is one of the more tame parts of the

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) December 1, 2022

During the segment, Fuentes also spoke about whether the Talmud allows for pedophilia, and said “Jews write in their Talmud that Christ is burning in hell.” Later, Jones asked Fuentes whether he was a white supremacist, and Fuentes denied it, saying simply, “No.”

West, Jones and Fuentes also discussed antisemitism, and affirmed that they believe that there are some “good Jews,” naming Laura Loomer as one of the few. Loomer then called in to speak on the second segment, where she said that as a Jew, she supports their free speech message.

Jones, who is known for spreading conspiracy theories on his show, such as the false idea that actors faked the Sandy Hook school shooting, attempted to push back against West’s antisemitism. “I’m not on the whole Jew thing,” Jones said.

The Infowars host compared the Italian mafia to the “Jewish mafia,” pointing out that he doesn’t condemn all Italians for the Italian mafia, and so perhaps they should not blame all Jews for the Jewish mafia. West, Fuentes and Loomer ignored the statement.

Once or twice, Jones attempted to redirect West, and encourage him to talk about Trump, Russia or the pandemic. But the rapper insistently returned to his belief that Jews control of the media, and his support for Hitler.

“I don’t like the word evil next to Nazis,” West said. “I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis.”

Jones laughed. “Oh man,” Jones said. “Well, I have to disagree with that.”

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