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37 Hanukkah gifts for everyone on your list, from latke-scented candles to punny sweatshirts

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A side by side of a Homesick Candle called "Latkes and Lights" and a model wearing a sweatshirt that says "Meowzel Tov" with a cat playing dreidel.


While the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah isn’t necessarily rooted in gifting, it’s become more common to give gifts over the course of the holiday. Some may choose to give and receive gifts on all eight nights while others may choose to do just one; some may have traditions of giving lots of small, stocking stuffer-like trinkets, while others may gift big-ticket items. Or, some may just be invited to a Hanukkah party and not want to show up empty-handed.

There’s really no right or wrong way to go about Hanukkah gifting, but with the holiday starting on December 18 and right around the corner, now is a good time to think about what you’re going to give those in your life who celebrate.

To make it easy, we rounded 37 Hanukkah gifts that work for everyone on your list. From high-end olive oil they can cook latkes with to clever t-shirts they’ll wear all the time, we’ve got you covered with plenty of gift ideas.

Latkes from the best of the bestHanukkah gifts Russ & Daughters


Russ & Daughters Latkes, 12-pack, available at Goldbelly, $35

When it comes to Jewish delis, a handful of names have garnered celebrity status — Russ & Daughters is certainly one of them. If they’re feeling bold, they can try the recipe themselves and see how the homemade latkes stack up.

A cute candle-warming lampA Luzdiosa Candle Warmer Lamp against a teal background

Crystal Cox/Insider

Candle Warming Lamp, available at Amazon, $54.99

Aside from looking cute, this TikTok-famous lamp warms candles up without lighting them. It helps your giftee enjoy their candles’ scents whenever they want without worrying about smoke or accidentally forgetting to put them out.

Festive PJs for the whole familyA family wears matching Hanukkah Organic Family Pajama's around a menorah.

Pottery Barn Kids

Hanukkah Organic Family Pajama Collection, available at Pottery Barn Kids, from $18

If you want to get in on the matching holiday PJs trend, this Hanukkah set from Pottery Barn Kids features adult, kid, and baby sizes, as well as a fitted sheet and pillow cases if you want to go all out.

A box of mini Hanukkah cupcakesThe Hanukkah Card & Winter Wonderful Gift Box from Baked by Melissa.

Baked by Melissa

Hanukkah Card & Winter Wonderful Gift Box 25-Pack, available at Baked by Melissa, $53

Complete with a Hanukkah card, this 25-piece box of Baked by Melissa cupcakes is the perfect addition to your festivities. They come in four flavors: Caramel Cake Batter, White Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Snowcap, and Chocolate Babka.

A trio of Sichuan sauces and a spice mixthree multi-colored spice containers sitting next to each other all branded with “Fly by Jing”

Fly by Jing

Holiday Triple Threat, available at Fly By Jing, $33.75

If they want their leftover latkes with a little bit of heat or just love collecting hot sauces, this Fly by Jing spice trio is sure to excite. It features Sichuan chili crisp, sweet and tangy Zhong sauce, and a Mala spice mix to sprinkle on pretty much any dish.

A fun menorahdinosaur menorah


Dinosaur Menorah, available at Etsy, $49

You can’t go wrong with some Judaica, especially when it’s as fun as this menorah shaped like a dinosaur. In the off-season, it makes for a cute piece of decor. 

A set of high-quality olive oilsbrightland olive oil


The Duo, available at Brightland, $74

The fresh flavors of Brightland’s quality olive oils are perfect for frying up some latkes (potato pancakes), sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), and all of the other dishes they enjoy year-round. 

A punny sweatshirtA model wears a blue sweatshirt that says "Meowzel Tov" with a cat playing dreidel.


Meowzel Tov Crewneck Sweatshirt, available at Etsy, from $32

This fun sweatshirt is so cute, they’ll look for non-Hanukkah excuses to wear it all year round.

A camera that makes instant memoriestravel graduation gifts instax


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, available at Target, $76.99

Smartphones may have taken away the need for cameras for the most part, but there’s still something fun about getting to snap pictures on a camera and watch them develop. With this small Fujifilm instant camera, they can snap away and get their physical prints on the spot. 

A hilarious take on a classic Magic 8 BallThe Jewish Wisdom Ball.

Modern Tribe

Jewish Wisdom Ball, available at Modern Tribe, $24

When you’re in need of advice, why not reach for a Jewish wisdom ball? Just shake it when you have a question, and you’ll get guidance like “You should be so lucky!” “So now you need my help?” and, most helpfully, “Feh.”

A custom reel viewer filled with their favorite memoriesuncommon goods reel $29.95

Uncommon Goods

Create Your Own Reel Viewer, available at Uncommon Goods, from $16.95

The ultimate in nostalgia, this grown-up version of the classic reel viewer makes a sweet, personal gift. Fill the reel with snapshots of their favorite memories that they’ll love to flip through for years to come. 

A candle inspired by holiday delicaciesHomesick Candles Latkes and Lights Hanukkah Candle

Homesick Candles

Homesick Latke and Lights Candle, available at Homesick, $22.80

Layered with notes of butter, apple, and potato, this candle will take them back to Hanukkah parties spent celebrating with loved ones, with fresh potato latkes and jelly doughnuts frying. The base notes of this candle are vanilla, sugar, and musk, so the room will smell as sweet as sufganiyot taste.

A luxe crossbody bag for their phoneA model wears the Kimberly Leather Crossbody Bandolier.


Kimberly Leather Crossbody Bandolier, available at Bandolier, $128

If they hate carrying a bulky bag just to store their phone and wallet, this stylish crossbody case was invented for them. It accommodates a wide range of smartphones and features card slots and a snap pocket to keep their essentials all in one tiny, easy-to-access place.

Dripless Hanukkah candlesDripless Spiral Ombre Blue & White Hanukkah Candles.


Dripless Spiral Ombre Blue & White Hanukkah Candles, available at Amazon, $11.99

Beyond looking really pretty with their ombre coloring and unique spiral design, these Hanukkah candles are also practically drip-free, reducing the need for menorah cleanup. 

Nice socks that give backBombas socks


Bombas Socks, available at Bombas, from $15

Socks are an underrated, but seriously important part of any wardrobe. Bombas has mastered the art of the sock with its thoughtful details and design. While pricier than most socks, for every pair of Bombas sold, the brand donates a pair to a homeless shelter — something you can feel good about, especially over the holiday season. 

A layered protection necklaceGold Protection Triple Strand Necklace.

Jewish Museum Shop

Protection Triple Strand Necklace, available at the Jewish Museum Shop, $88

Sold by the Jewish Museum, this triple-strand necklace features three pendants that symbolize protection, crafted in the style of 1980s punk jewelry.

A mini waffle makerdash waffle maker with a cooked waffle inside on a kitchen table.


Dash Mini Waffle Maker, available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $16.99

Revive leftover latkes with this compact waffle maker. They can just put them in for a few minutes for a crispy, crunchy, potato waffle. And, they can use it for real waffles too. 

Hanukkah’s take on the advent calendarSugarfina 8 Nights of Delight Hanukkah


Sugarfina Eight Nights of Delight Candy Tasting Collection, available at Food52, $15

If they’ve always wanted to partake in the advent calendar holiday tradition, their time has come. Sugarfina has loaded this gift box with eight surprise treats — one for each night of Hanukkah (but if they’re not one for surprises or have dietary restrictions, you can find what’s included in the product description). 

Shirts inspired by their favorite Jewish foodshanukkah shirts


Boots Tees Hanukkah Shirts, available at Etsy, from $22.95

Ugly Christmas sweaters get most of the spotlight around the holidays, but these funny tees are a great Hanukkah-appropriate alternative. The shirts are inspired by beloved Jewish dishes, like brisket, challah, and matzo balls, and are sure to give them a laugh. 

A journal they’ll use for years to comeone line a day


One Line a Day Journal, available at Amazon, $15.26

This little journal will eventually hold five years’ worth of memories. Each date in the diary has five blank spaces (one for each year) that they can fill with random musings, ideas, and memories. Even after five years pass, this will be a fun keepsake they can look back at. 

A small smart speakerEcho Dot


Echo Dot (3rd generation), available at Best Buy, $14.99

Whether they’re tech experts or novices, they’ll love the small but mighty Echo Dot. It’s a great speaker for its size, and they can use it to create a smart home system or add to their pre-existing setup. A newer version of the Echo Dot was recently released, but the 3rd generation is more affordable and comparable in quality.

A great cookbookjew-ish best cookbook


“Jew-ish: Recipes Reinvented from a Modern Mensch” by Jake Cohen, available at Amazon, $16.59

Food is a big part of many celebrations, and Jewish events are no different. This cookbook honors and elevates traditional Jewish cooking with recipes like pumpkin spice babka and classic roasted tomato brisket.

If you know an avid home chef looking to explore other cuisines, there are plenty of other cookbooks we recommend. 

Sustainable and affordable cashmerenaadam cashmere sweater


Essential Cashmere Sweater, available at Naadam, $75

At just $75, Naadam’s Essential Cashmere Sweater is a luxury that won’t break the bank. Naadam calls the sweater “heavenly soft” and Insider Reviews senior reporter Mara Leighton agrees, making this a cozy piece anyone will love to receive. 

A cheeky capA black hat that reads "Mazel."

Jill Zarin

Mazel Baseball Cap, available at Jill Zarin, $22

From Jill Zarin’s brand, this baseball cap features “MAZEL” across the front for good vibes all year round.

A stylish and practical desk accessoryHanukkah gifts vase

Uncommon Goods

Smartphone Vase, available at Uncommon Goods, $32

This ceramic phone dock is an elegant way to keep their important tech within arm’s reach while they work. The vase can be used to add some greenery to their desk, or to store pens, pencils, and other small office goods. 

Relaxing and detoxifying bath saltscalm


Herbivore Botanicals Natural Soaking Bath Salts, available at Amazon, $20

Who doesn’t love to relax? These calming bath salts make a great gift for anyone on your list. Inside there’s vanilla, ylang ylang essential oil, and Himalayan pink salt crystals, which will soothe the body and flood the room with a calming scent. 

An adorable and educational picture bookThe cover of the book "Meet the Latkes" by Alan Silberberg.


“Meet the Latkes” by Alan Silberberg, available at Amazon and Bookshop, from $8.89

Great for families with small children, this funny picture book cleverly retells the story of Hanukkah that’ll have kids wanting to reread it over and over again.

A budget-friendly wireless speakerAnker Soundcore Flare Wireless Speaker


Anker Soundcore Flare Mini, available at Amazon, $42.99

Pump up the Hanukkah jams with this quality speaker for under $50. It has a solid battery life and is water-resistant, so it’s perfect for an eight-night-long party. There are even LED lights in the bottom of the speaker. 

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to speakers, check out our guide to the best Bluetooth speakers.

A comfortable travel pillowA woman sleeps on a plane wearing the trtl travel pillow around her neck.


Trtl Pillow, available at Amazon, $49.99

Are they planning on traveling for the holidays? If so, they’ll appreciate this smart travel pillow. Small and compact, the Trtl Pillow wraps around their neck like a scarf but provides serious support, so they can actually get some sleep on the go. 

Hanukkah-themed M&MsPersonalized M&Ms Hannukah box.


Personalizable M&Ms Hanukkah Gift Box, available at M&Ms, $32.99

Whether they have a big sweet tooth or just love M&Ms in particular, gift them this Hanukkah box — which features M&Ms with “Happy Hanukkah” and menorahs on them. 

A small gadget that cooks eggs quicklydash


Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, available at Amazon, $16.99

Whether they like their eggs poached, boiled, scrambled, or in omelet form, egg lovers can make their favorite preparations with this small gadget. All they have to do is choose their preparation, set the timer, and have their breakfast ready in a flash. 

A Disney+ Premium subscriptionDisney Plus subscription collage, showcasing some of the movies available on the streaming service, including "Lady and the Tramp."

Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

Subscribe for $10.99/month or $109.99/year

It gives you unlimited access to movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox, and costs just $10.99 a month or $109.99 a year after a free seven-day trial. Read everything there is to know about Disney+ over here.

And if you need some binge-spiration, here are all the new movies available to stream.

A really nice water bottleHydro Flask Wide Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle   32 fl. oz.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask 32-ounce Wide Mouth Bottle, available at L.L. Bean, $44.95

Hydro Flask‘s signature double-wall vacuum insulation will keep their hot beverages hot and their cold ones cold for hours. With 18-, 32-, 40-, and 64-ounce options, there’s a right size for everyone. 

A convenient port that takes away the pain points of charging electronicselago


Elago 3-in-1 Charging Hub, available at Walmart, $28.99

Three devices, but just one outlet? That’s no longer an issue with this charging hub, which has enough room for all their most-used electronics. 

A unique cooking kitA kit to make his own hot sauce

Uncommon Goods

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, available at Uncommon Goods, $42

Give them the chance to create their own condiments with this hot-sauce-making kit. It’s filled with bottles, labels, and all the special ingredients they need to make the spicy sauces. 

An armband that keeps their important belongings safe while they runarmband


Tribe Water Resistant Armband Case, available at Amazon, $14.98

Runners and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate this practical gift. The armband keeps their important things like a phone and set of house keys nearby and secure. Plus, it can fit just about any phone. 

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