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Trump says he has more lawyers working for him than even ‘the late great gangster’ Al Capone did

Donald TrumpDonald Trump.

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  • Donald Trump on Monday compared his legal predicament to that of mobster Al Capone’s.
  • Trump wrote on Truth Social that he has “more lawyers” working for him than Capone did.
  • Trump appeared to laud the mob boss, calling him the “late great gangster, Alphonse Capone.”

Former President Donald Trump on Monday declared that he has more lawyers than the mobster Al Capone did. 

In a Truth Social post, Trump wrote that he has “more lawyers” working for him “than any human being in the history of our Country, including even the late great gangster, Alphonse Capone!” 

In the post, Trump also baselessly accused the authorities of “Weaponization, Targeting, and Unprecedented Harassment.”

It’s unclear if Trump does have more lawyers than Capone. Capone, the Prohibition-era mobster, was convicted in 1931 on tax evasion charges.

Trump’s critics have previously drawn comparisons between Trump and mobsters.

In August, former FBI official and MSNBC columnist Frank Figliuzzi likened Trump and his allies to the Mafia.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer turned critic, said in September that he thinks Trump’s downfall will resemble Capone’s. “Like the Al Capone effect, you’re not going to get him on murder, extortion, racketeering. You get them on tax evasion,” Cohen said on MSNBC’s “Deadline White House.”

Trump does have many lawyers representing him on a brimming docket of at least a dozen cases.

He is facing probes into whether he mishandled documents at Mar-a-Lago and whether he and his associates tried to interfere in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

In September, New York Attorney General Letitia James sued Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization. James is alleging that Trump falsely inflated his net worth to commit fraud. Trump, in response, has denied the accusations and hit out at James with a variety of insults and accusations.

On December 6, Trump’s business, the Trump Organization, was found guilty of 17 counts of tax fraud.

Trump is also facing a lawsuit from the writer E. Jean Carroll, who is suing him for defamation, battery, and emotional distress. Carroll alleges that Trump defamed her after she accused him of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in 1995 or 1996. Trump has denied raping Carroll, and in his deposition continued to criticize her, saying she was not his “type.”

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