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9 ways to fix Disney Plus when it’s not working properly

Disney Plus app and libraryYou can check for several potential issues when your Disney Plus app is malfunctioning.

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  • To fix Disney Plus when it’s not working, try clearing the app or your web browser cache.
  • You can try updating your app or checking if your Wi-Fi connection or Disney Plus is down.
  • You can also check if there are content restrictions on your network or error codes.

Disney Plus is one of the leading streaming services, with a gargantuan video library that includes most of Disney’s films and TV shows, such as tentpole franchises like Star Wars and Marvel. 

But if you can’t get the Disney Plus app to work properly on your mobile device, computer, or TV, there are a number of potential fixes. 

Here are the troubleshooting steps you should try to get back up and running.

Close Disney Plus and restart it

You can resolve a lot of glitchy behavior with the Disney Plus app by closing the app and restarting it.If you need a reminder, here are instructions to close an app on Android and close an app on iOS. After you close the app, launch it again and see if that solved the problem.

Closing disney plus app on iOS.The first thing to try is to close and restart the Disney Plus app.

Dave Johnson/Insider

If the problem is on a streaming player or smart TV, you can close and restart the app there as well, though the instructions to close the app will vary depending on your device.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

This might seem obvious, but if you are having trouble with the Disney Plus app, be sure you have a working internet connection. There are a lot of ways to test this — for starters, check for Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength icons at the top of your phone or tablet. You can also try watching a video on another site, such as YouTube.

The home screen on iOS.You will have trouble watching Disney Plus if you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

Dave Johnson/Insider

If there’s a problem with your connection, reboot your Wi-Fi router and cable modem by turning both off for at least two minutes, then turning them back on and waiting about 10 minutes for your connection to reestablish.

Check to see if Disney Plus is offline

While Disney Plus should be operational almost all the time,, it’s worth checking to see if the service is offline. DownDetector tracks the status of websites and services, so you can go to the Disney Plus network status page at DownDetector to see what it reports.

The Disney Plus network status page at DownDetector.Check the status at DownDetector.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Resolve common Disney Plus error codes

It’s also possible that Disney Plus might give you a hint on what is wrong by displaying an error message to help you troubleshoot the issue. Many of these errors are cryptic, but they’re often better than nothing. Here’s a brief guide to resolving Disney Plus’s most common error codes.

  • Error code 24 or 43: This error usually means you have a very unstable internet connection. The fix is generally to improve your signal, such as resetting your WiFi router and modem, switching to a wired Ethernet connection instead of WiFi, or moving to a different part of the house to get better WiFi reception.  
  • Error code 73: This error often indicates that you’re trying to access content from another country or region, which Disney does not allow. If you’re not intentionally trying to access content from another region, reboot your router and modem. A VPN could also be the culprit; if you’re using one, shut it down.
  • Error code 83: This may indicate that the service believes there’s a compatibility issue with your device. Make sure the device is compatible with Disney Plus, and if it is, restart it. Check for driver and system updates, and if all else fails, reinstall the app. If possible, try using Disney Plus on another device.   

Quick tip: You can also read our guide on fixing Disney Plus error codes for more troubleshooting steps.

Make sure Disney Plus is available in your location

If you’re traveling and Disney Plus is not working, it could be that the streaming service is not available in the region you’re in. You can easily check if Disney Plus works in that country. 

If not, you can try setting up a VPN and setting it to your current region so you can have access, or you can wait until you’re back home to stream.

Determine if a network administrator is blocking Disney Plus

Sometimes, people and organizations put content restrictions on their Wi-Fi. For instance, network administrators at a school, library, or workplace can block your device from accessing Disney Plus when using the internet.

In this scenario, the best way around this problem is to switch to mobile data if you’re on a phone. You can also create a personal hotspot on your iPhone or Android for your computer to connect to. If not, just wait until you get home to use your own Wi-Fi for streaming on Disney Plus.

Update the Disney Plus app

If you’re using the Disney Plus app on Android or iOS, make sure you’re using the latest version. Sometimes, bugs can cause it not to work properly, and updating it can fix the problem. 

If you need a refresher on how to do that, you can check out our guide on updating Android apps and updating iOS apps.

Clear the app’s cache

If you tried all the fixes above and the Disney Plus app on iOS or Android is still not working, you might have a corrupted application cache.

If you’re using Android, you can clear the cache with a few taps. The process may vary depending on which version of Android you’re using, but this is the general procedure:

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap Apps & Notifications.

3. Tap See all apps and then tap Disney Plus.

4. Tap Storage & cache.

5. Tap Clear cache.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t give you a fast way to clear the app’s cache, so if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall Disney Plus from the App Store.

Note: You should also uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app on Android if clearing the cache didn’t work.

Clear the browser’s cache

If you are watching Disney Plus on a browser, a faulty cache can also cause it to misbehave. Clearing the cache is a quick and easy process that can solve the problem. To that end, we have a guide that you can read on clearing Google Chrome’s cache, clearing Firefox’s cache, and clearing Microsoft Edge’s cache.

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