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Crime and Criminology from Michael_Novakhov (8 sites): InSight Crime: Impact of Puntilla Death Likely Limited in Colombia Underworld

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Impact of Puntilla Death Likely Limited in Colombia Underworld

The killing of Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias “Puntilla”, leader of the criminal band Los Puntilleros, is a high profile event but it is unlikely to have a major impact on the drug trafficking gangs of Colombia’s Eastern Plains.

On December 4, Puntilla died in a clash with police in an apartment in Medellin, El Espectador reported.

Pachón was first arrested in February 2016 before being released in April 2017, but a new warrant was issued for his arrest in September 2018 on various charges.

According to the Colombian Attorney-General’s Office, Puntilla was in Medellin after reaching an agreement to receive protection from the Oficina de Envigado gang in exchange for information about the drug trafficking routes through the Eastern Plains, according to El Tiempo.

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Pachón was a drug trafficker with more than 28 years of experience in the criminal world. It belonged to the Medellin Cartel, Cali Cartel, it was the successor of Daniel Barrera alias “the crazy Barrier” and went on to lead the armed criminal groups Bloque Meta and Libertadores de Vichada, now known collectively as Los Puntilleros. In this way, he was considered one of the most important criminal leaders of the Eastern Plains of Colombia.

InSight Crime Analysis

Although Puntilla was considered the top leader of Los Puntilleros, it is unlikely that his death will cause major rumbles in the underworld of the Eastern Plains for several reasons.

After his release from prison in 2017, Pachón sought to remain in hiding, with strong indications that this was due to his possible estrangement from the drug trafficking business.

The agreement between the Oficina de Envigado and Pachón, where the gang provided protection and security in exchange for receiving information about drug trafficking routes, may indicate that Pachón had fallen from power and was looking to give up control of the business.

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And, after several arrests of its members, the Puntilleros have been increasingly weakened. According to field research conducted by InSight Crime, Los Urabeños and Los Puntilleros may have sealed an alliance in the region of Meta to share control of the drug trafficking business.

These two facts seem to indicate that Pachón was trying to distance himself from the drug trafficking business or at least maintain a low profile. This means the death of Puntilla may ultimately be of little consequence, given the rise of stronger actors in the region, such as FARC dissidents.

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