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Biden facing intensifying scrutiny in classified documents probe

(NewsNation) — Questions continue to swirl surrounding the classified documents found at the former office and home of President Joe Biden.

The White House has refused to answer specific questions about the discoveries, which the Justice Department is investigating. The president also faces an inquiry from House Republicans, with chair of the Oversight Committee saying Wednesday he’s focusing on the Penn Biden Center and who had access to it.

So what comes next?

Bob Cusack, editor-in-chief of The Hill, says the White House will need to start releasing more information soon if they want to get a handle on the situation.

“The lawyers and the White House need to figure out everything that’s out there to make sure this is not continually a drip, drip type of story, which it has been because they keep finding stuff,” Cusack said Wednesday on “Rush Hour.” “They’re really gonna need to wrap this up and tell more to the press within the next couple weeks.”