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The best cases you can buy for the iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Three different iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases with MagSafe.After buying an iPhone 14 Pro Max, you should protect it with a case.


  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max is Apple’s priciest and most premium iPhone, so it pays to protect it.
  • The best cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max combine style, safety, and MagSafe compatibility.
  • Our favorite picks include cases from Apple, Otterbox, Smartish, and more.

Buying an iPhone 14 Pro Max is a big investment, which means you’ll want to protect it with a case as soon as possible. 

But protection isn’t the only measure of a good iPhone case — after all, you don’t want to cover your fancy smartphone with an ugly chunk of plastic. You should look for a case that keeps your iPhone safe and looks good while doing it. And if you’re looking to take advantage of those magnets on the back (and you should), you’ll want to make sure the case is compatible with MagSafe

We’ve gathered the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases that go above and beyond. These include cases from well-known brands like Apple and Otterbox, and lesser known favorites like Raptic and Caudabe.

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafeThe Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Pro Max, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


The first of Apple’s three official Pro Max cases is the Silicone Case with MagSafe. This case’s plastic feels soft, but will easily shield your iPhone from everyday wear and tear. And although it includes built-in MagSafe magnets, there’s no MagSafe symbol emblazoned on the back, making it an excellent minimalist choice.

Apple Leather Case with MagSafeThe Apple Leather Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Pro Max, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


Apple’s official leather iPhone case is made from soft tanned leather that feels fantastic, and can protect your phone from drops and scratches. Unlike many other leather cases that only have leather on the back, Apple’s case is entirely leather — no visible plastic or rubber. It also includes button covers made of real metal, which just adds to the tactile experience.

Apple Clear Case with MagSafeThe Apple Clear Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Pro Max, one of the best cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Clear cases are great for showing off your iPhone, but the clear plastic tends to turn yellow over time. Yet unlike cheaper models, Apple’s clear case stays clear, even after months of everyday use. And that’s in addition to protecting your iPhone from scratches and dirt. This case isn’t flashy, but it’s incredibly reliable, and worth the price.

Gear4 Santa Cruz SnapThe Gear4 Santa Cruz Snap iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases.


Speaking of clear cases, Gear4’s Santa Cruz Snap is a stylish option that will protect your iPhone from drops up to 13 feet high. The clear plastic is reinforced with a flexible material called D3O that hardens on any impact, absorbing the shocks away from your iPhone. It’s also got textured grips on the side, ensuring it won’t slip from your hand.

Otterbox Symmetry+The Otterbox Symmetry+ iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max.


For years, Otterbox has been the name for sturdy iPhone cases. Their Symmetry+ series is a great option If you’re looking for a case that will keep your iPhone secure without adding much bulk. It’s sleek but easy to grip, and made with silver phosphate that repels bacteria. It also comes in 15 different styles.

If you don’t care about adding more bulk to your iPhone, check out the Otterbox Defender XT. It’s big, but few cases beat it when it comes to safety.

Caudabe SheatheThe Caudabe Sheathe, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


Caudabe cases are both affordable and sturdy. They’re made with a special polymer called ShockLite that will protect your iPhone and look good doing it. Combine that with a grippy matte texture that feels great to the touch, and you’ve got a fantastic but simple case for any situation.

Smartish GripmunkThe Smartish Gripmunk with MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


If you’re looking for a budget option that doesn’t skimp on quality, check out Smartish. For a typical price of $20, the Smartish Gripmunk will support all your MagSafe accessories and protect your iPhone. It does this by including air pockets in each corner, which cushion your iPhone from falls. It’s available in six different styles, including a clear option.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Staying on the Smartish train, they also sell a fantastic case/wallet combo called the Wallet Slayer Vol. 1. It’s got the same grippy texture and protective air pockets as the Gripmunk, but also includes a built-in wallet that’ll hold cash and up to three cards. Just note that unlike some case/wallet combos, this one doesn’t support MagSafe or wireless charging.

Smartish also offers an updated version of the Wallet Slayer called Vol. 2, but we’re not convinced that it offers anything worthwhile to justify the higher price. The only real difference is that it’s slightly thinner.

Speck Presidio2 GripThe Speck Presidio2 Grip iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


When it comes to no-nonsense iPhone cases that last for a long time, the Speck Presidio2 Grip is a great option. It’s a wonderfully slim case with textured grips on the back, meaning it won’t slip from your hands or pocket. It also features airbags, just like the Gripmunk — but they surround the entire iPhone, instead of just the corners.

Nomad Modern Leather FolioThe Nomad Modern Leather Folio iPhone 14 Pro Max Case.


“Folio” cases open up like a book, giving you both protection and storage space. Nomad’s Modern Leather case is one of the best folios out there, and includes three card slots and a pocket to hold your cash. If you order this case from Nomad’s official website, you can buy a version built with “standard” leather, or hand-made leather from one of the oldest tanneries in the US. Either way, it’ll develop beautifully over time.

Spigen Tough Armor MagFitThe Spigen Tough Armor MagFit iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


Spigen is known for their sturdy but stylish iPhone cases. This Tough Armor case is made from a light but sturdy plastic that resists scratches, and the insides are layered with impact foam that can even protect your iPhone from falls onto hard concrete. But what sets this case apart from Spigen’s other models is the built-in kickstand, which is a small bit of convenience that we love.

UAG Metropolis LTThe UAG Metropolis LT iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


When it comes to safety, UAG cases are top-tier. And of all their offerings, our favorite is the Metropolis LT. This case is made with Kevlar — yes, the same stuff bulletproof vests are made from. It also promises drop protection up to 16 feet, which is higher than nearly any other case we’ve found. Despite this, the case is lightweight, slim, and supports MagSafe charging.

UAG also offers a folio version of the Metropolis that gives up MagSafe support for an included wallet.

Raptic ShieldThe Raptic Shield iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


All of Raptic’s cases have a wonderfully futuristic design, and the best of the lineup is the Raptic Shield. This clear case will give your iPhone a cool sci-fi look while protecting it from dust, dirt, and accidents — especially if you order it with the “Iridescent” design. All of the buttons also have raised nodes on them, making them easy to find even when you’re looking somewhere else.

Casely ClassicThe Casely Classic iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


Casely iPhone cases come in dozens of different designs, but they all share one thing: They’re all lightweight, sturdy, and support MagSafe. We find that the Classic versions are a great balance between protection and comfort, but if you’re looking for even more security, see if your Casely model of choice offers a Bold version. These are a bit heavier, but add more cushioning.

Moment MagSafeThe Moment MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


Every iPhone case has a big hole in the corner so the cameras can poke out. But the Moment MagSafe case’s camera hole is specially designed to securely support Moment-brand camera lenses. These include telescopic lenses, wide lenses, color filters, and more. If you’re an iPhone filmmaker, the Moment MagSafe case is a fantastic tool.

Incipio AeroGripThe Incipio AeroGrip iPhone 14 Pro Max Case, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


Our favorite Incipio iPhone case is the AeroGrip. It’s got a thick rubber exterior to protect from drops (up to 16 feet high, the company claims), and protruding “winglets” that help the phone rest more securely in your hand. Despite all this, the case weighs only a quarter pound. Whichever way your phone falls, the Incipio AeroGrip will keep your iPhone safe and comfortable to use.

Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe WalletThe Mujjo Full Leather iPhone 14 Pro Max Case and Wallet, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.


This Mujjo case is made from finely tanned leather, and includes an attached wallet that can hold up to three cards. The inside is lined with microfiber that won’t scratch up your iPhone, even in a fall. And unlike some leather cases, the entire outside surface is leather — there aren’t any rubber or metal strips.

The only downside is that in order to use MagSafe (or any wireless chargers), you’ll need to remove the cards you’re holding. If taking your cards out of the wallet is an issue, you can instead buy a regular Mujjo leather case and a detachable leather wallet separately. But even then, you’ll still need to detach the wallet.


Does the iPhone 14 Pro Max need a case?

A few years ago, dropping your iPhone almost always meant a shattered screen. These days, iPhones are built with much tougher materials, like stainless steel and a “Ceramic Shield” screen. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is even water resistant up to six meters deep.

That said, just because it’s more likely that your naked iPhone will survive an accident doesn’t mean that it always will. And although your iPhone will never be invincible, putting a strong case on the phone is the best way to protect it from damage. That includes both accidents (like dropping your iPhone on concrete) and everyday wear-and-tear.

Buying a case is also a great way to change up your iPhone’s look and showcase your style.

What should I look for in an iPhone 14 Pro  Max case?

The most important factors to look for in an iPhone case are protectiveness, style, and MagSafe compatibility. In other words, you’ll want to make sure that your iPhone case will keep the device safe, won’t turn it into an ugly block, and won’t disable any features.

There are also a few more minor points to consider. For example, what’s your budget? Do you want a case/wallet combo? And if the case you buy breaks or is faulty, what’s the warranty like? Consider all these factors before making a purchase.

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