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9:55 AM 8/12/2018 – M.N.: My Answer: The "Biggest Threat" (to our sanity and common sense) is Jeanine Pirro!  | Jeanine Pirro Asks: Who's A  Bigger Threat—Putin or Mueller?

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M.N.: My Answer: The “Biggest Threat” (to our sanity and common sense) is Jeanine Pirro!  | Jeanine Pirro Asks: Who’s A  Bigger Threat—Putin or Mueller?

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‘Give Up Your Phony Investigation’: Pirro Rips Mueller After Reports of …

Fox News Insider17 minutes ago
In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said that she that actually wants the special counsel’s Russia probe to go on. However, Pirro said, that’s because …
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Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Trump’s Mueller dilemma

Indianapolis Star1 hour ago
Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Trump’s Mueller dilemma … President Donald Trump’s lawyers rejected Robert Mueller’s offer of terms for a Trump interview. But will …
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Rudy Giuliani’s ‘disgraceful’ comments about Mueller could backfire on …

New York Daily News2 hours ago
Rudy Giuliani’s public offensive against special counsel Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation may not be sound legal strategy — but his showmanship …
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Breitbart News

Jeanine Pirro Asks: Who’s A Bigger Threat—Putin or Mueller?

Newsweek3 hours ago
Jeanine Pirro asked a Fox News panel who they believed was a greater threat to the U.S.—Russian President Vladimir Putin, or Special Counsel Robert Mueller …
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Marcus: What Mueller knows might explain Trump’s agitation

Quad City Times7 hours ago
Winston Churchill famously described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” The same might be said — and the Russia reference is no …

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