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August 12, 2022 5:02 pm

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FBI News Review

9:07 AM 11/3/2017 – "You're So Vain": Colorado Thornton Wallmart shooting by Scott Allen Ostrem – Interpretation, and some other old business

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On the far west side of lower Manhattan…

See the main article on this subject: M.N.:The symbolism or the symbolic message of this attack appears to be quite clear… | Manhattan truck attack of 10.31.17 and Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov – News Review

Carly Simon – You’re So Vain


Colorado Thornton Wallmart shooting by Scott Allen Ostrem
Kalo rado, thorn-torn, wall-mart, skot, ali ostrim
Meaning: This piece of shit (kalo) is glad (rad, rado): we are thorn-torn, the wall is across the mart (market) – (disruption of Russia – West commerce by sanctions, expanded to the Russian military-intelligence complex recently). What do you think, you beast (“Scott”), are we just joking and being witty (ali ostrim)? (Possibly a response to my previous post on Far West group and Ruslan Saidov – Sadulayev). Or, alternatively: what do you think, you beast, are you so smart and witty? 
Also: Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov
Say, fool, o: Habib-ullaevic (the son or product of Habib, the name of the bank in Dubai, owned by Saidov: “the perp is a derivative of my bank, he was paid for his actions”) Saipov – the mirror-reversed of Saidov, one reversed letter: “d” to “p”. This might be a signature. 
The names can be easily designed as messages by using the forged passports or the false identity papers; in advance, in preparation for sending the messages.
These two episodes, Wallmart shooting the next day after the Manhattan incident, appear to be related. 
Saidov’s DOB is August 1, 1960. On 9/11, he turned 41 years old + 41 days (Aug 2 – 31 = 30 + Sep 1 – 11 = 11, 30 + 11 = 41 days). Did he celebrate his 41 birthday with this episode, besides all the other things? 
It is also very likely that he participated in preparations for the Breivik’s act on July 22, 2011 (Lunev, his partner in Far West, a general in the Belorussian GRU or KGB, allegedly trained Breivik in one of their camps). A Chechen boy (or two of them) were probably inserted there as the eyewitnesses. The date might be symbolic: 1 month after the start of the German-Soviet War on June 22, 1941 – the “round” – 70-th anniversary, and the Russians just love to celebrate all kinds of their historical anniversaries, especially the military ones. This celebration might have been shifted by one month to make it less suspicious (the similar shift as in the hypothetical celebration of Saidov’s 41-st birthday on 9/11, 41 days later). 
Breivik’s murders started the recent string of mass killings in Europe and US, see the statistics on this subject. 
I have a feeling that Saidov is very vain, and he wants to tell his story and to reveal himself as the mastermind and the main executive and the manager of the 9/11. I think we should help him to tell his story. 
M.N. – 11.3.17 
P.S.: Is Ruslan Sadov dead, did he turn into the “cypress mulch”? Do you have bona fide DNA test results unequivocally confirming this? “Death” is the best cover and is used broadly by the pros. 
All these episodes of mass terror, shootings, vehicular accidents, and now, the elections interference, etc., etc., have one major common element: the robotization, mental enslavement of the players or actors, and mostly by the cyber means. This is like the old dream of the communist rulers came true. 
Also: I absolutely agree with the Trump Administration plans to close the Green Card Lottery loopholes. In the present circumstances, it is a sheer madness: the open invitation to spies and all sort of agents to come to America. Apparently, the Russians and their “near neighbors” have the ways of abusing this system. I do not know what these ways are, but this has to stop. 

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