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British military intelligence gives its assessment to level of equipment of mobilized Russian soldiers


The mobilized Russians are poorly equipped due to widespread corruption in the Russian army and are forced to buy on their own at inflated prices the body armor that should have been issued to them as part of the individual equipment program.

Military intelligence experts of the British Ministry of Defense came to this conclusion.

It is noted that contingents of mobilized Russian reservists were transferred to Ukraine in the last two weeks. Their average level of personal equipment, British intelligence claims, is almost certainly lower than the already meager provisions of previously deployed troops.

This is stated in the next issue of the intelligence review of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom, the text of which is posted on the official page of the Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

Many reservists will likely have to purchase their own body armor, including the modern 6B45 body armor, which would be issued to combat units as part of the Warrior individual equipment program.

This bulletproof vest is currently on sale in Russian online stores for ₽40,000 (approximately USD 640), compared to approximately ₽12,000 (approximately USD 190) in April.

“In 2020, the Russian authorities announced that 300,000 sets of Warrior body armor were delivered to the Russian military, which is enough to equip the forces currently stationed in Ukraine. Widespread corruption and poor logistics remain one of the main reasons for the poor performance of Russian troops in Ukraine,” indicated in the summary text.