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4:19 PM 1/31/2021 – Did Trump know what was about to happen Jan. 6? | TheHill

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4:19 PM 1/31/2021


  1. Did Trump know what was about to happen Jan. 6? | TheHill  Inside complicity? The Capitol invaders seemed to know exactly where to find Democratic leaders’ offices. In the days before, Republican congressional reps and aides were giving tours of the Capitol

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    Queen Elizabeth to host Biden before G7 summit in June 

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    Nude Ginchrich

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    US condemns “harsh tactics” used against pro-Navalny demonstrators in Russia 

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    Town of Palm Beach conducting a legal review of Trump’s residency at Mar-a-Lago 

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  6. 1:49 PM 1/31/2021 – Trump and the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021: Trump bears responsibility 

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    Sen. Bernie Sanders says Democrats have the votes to pass Covid-19 relief bill through reconciliation 

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    Meanwhile in Russia:

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    Next pandemic could be a potentially deadly fungus 

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    Pelosi is now pushing for more funding to protect lawmakers — at home, in Washington and as they travel in between. But she’s made clear that she deems some Republicans a part of the threat. 

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    This looks like a smoking gun: Trump’s acting secretary of defense disarmed the national guard and prohibited them from doing virtually anything against violent Trump protesters.

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    Joe Biden will meet the queen and other royals this summer, and we’re betting they’re looking forward to it way, way more than when the bombastic House of Trump descended on Buckingham Palace in June 2019 

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    New case of South Africa coronavirus variant found in Maryland 

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