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11:23 AM 6/29/2018 – Mueller investigation and The "German hypothesis" of the "Trump-Russia scandal": German Intelligence wants to keep the US out of Ukraine and to drive the geopolitical wedges using the Global Russian Jewish Mafia as their fronts.

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3:25 AM 6/11/2018 – M.N.: Merkel gets so much mileage out of Trump-Russia affair, that it becomes increasingly…
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A broad debunking of Trump’s claims about Russian interference and …

Washington PostJun 28, 2018
The best evidence for this was presented by Mueller himself in an indictment filed …. Why confidence in Mueller’s investigation is warranted.
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Mueller took ‘steps’ to shield Russia probe from bias, DOJ says

Politico21 hours ago
Special counsel Robert Mueller has taken “appropriate steps” to ensure that anti-Trump bias hasn’t infected his investigation of Russian …
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The Week Magazine

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The Australian

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Washington Post
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Here’s How The Mueller Investigation Compares To Past Probes

Rantt Media12 hours ago
House Republicans fielded their various conspiracy theories, trying to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s …
Trey Gowdy proves he is a complete fraud
ThinkProgress18 hours ago
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Another former aide to Roger Stone subpoenaed in Russia investigation

CNN19 hours ago
… appear before the grand jury in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation — an effort his lawyers are aiming to beat back in court.
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The Hill

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WPLG Local 10

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Washington Examiner
Mueller Poised to Zero In on Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to accelerate his probe into possible collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russians who sought to interfere in the 2016 election, according to a person familiar with the investigation.
Mueller and his team of prosecutors and investigators have an eye toward producing conclusions — and possible indictments — related to collusion by fall, said the person, who asked not to be identified. He’ll be able to turn his full attention to the issue as he resolves other questions, including deciding soon whether to find that Trump sought to obstruct justice.

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Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search
Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search
Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search
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Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump – Google Search
Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump – Google Search
Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search
Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search
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Is Donald Trump’s Dark Russian Secret Hiding in Deutsche Bank’s Vaults?
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Beware the kaiser chiefs
German hypothesis Trump – Russia Affair – Google Search
3:25 AM 6/11/2018 – M.N.: Merkel gets so much mileage out of Trump-Russia affair, that it becomes increasingly…
1:03 PM 6/10/2018 – Merkel: “What does Putin have on you?” Trump: “None of your bidniz. You worry about…
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Former US intelligence chief: Russia had ‘profound impact’ on 2016 election – France 24

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An interview with a French or international personality from the world of economics, politics, culture or diplomacy. Every Wednesday at 4.45 pm Paris time and Saturday at 7.45 am.

Latest update : 2018-06-29

Former US intelligence chief: Russia had ‘profound impact’ on 2016 election

James Clapper was the head of US intelligence under Barack Obama. He recently published his memoirs, entitled “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence”. In an interview with FRANCE 24, he reacted to recent developments in the United States, including the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court and the forthcoming meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. He also shared his thoughts on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

Former US intelligence chief James Clapper reacted to the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the US Supreme Court, pointing that it could have “impacts for decades”, especially on the issue of abortion. He also warned that Donald Trump‘s travel ban could be “counterproductive” from a national security standpoint by fuelling anti-American sentiment.
The former US Director of National Intelligence welcomed the announcement of a Trump-Putin meeting next month, but cautioned that it should be well prepared and not simply another example of the US president indulging authoritarian rulers. “What seems to be uppermost in Mr. Trump’s mind is having a positive relationship with autocrats”, he told FRANCE 24.
Clapper also discussed alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election, saying that while he regretted that he and the Obama administration had not been more forceful in denouncing Russian meddling before the election, he added that doing so would have given the impression that they were taking sides. “President Obama was legitimately concerned about the optic of his putting his hand on the scale in favour of one of the candidates into the disfavour of the other”, he explained.


However, the former US intelligence chief asserted his belief that Russian meddling did actually swing the election in favour of Donald Trump. “When you consider that the election turned on less than 80,000 votes in three key states; when you look at the massive effort that the Russians directed across many fronts and using multifaceted enablers, notably social media… To me, it just stretches logic and credulity to think that the Russians didn’t have [a] profound impact on the outcome of the election and in fact could have turned it”, he told FRANCE 24.
Finally, Clapper said he could not assert whether there had been collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia but noted that candidate Trump’s exhortation to Russia to “go find 30,000 missing emails” from the Clinton campaign was a strong indication of coordination between them. “I hope Special Counsel Mueller will resolve this issue one way or the other, because this is a cloud hanging over this country, it’s a cloud hanging over the presidency and it needs resolution one way or the other”, he concluded.

Trump’s Russia ties are really Jewish ties | Light On Conspiracies

mikenova shared this story from Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda.

The Judeo-Russian Mafia: From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion
By M. Raphael Johnson, PH.D.
July 11, 2017 Anno Domini
(Barnes Review May/June 2006)
On April 28, 2002, a military helicopter went down in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia. On board was a major Russian dignitary, Gen. Alexander Lebed, governor of the region. Lebed was pronounced dead at the scene.
Almost immediately, the international press blamed “heavy fog” for the incident. However, at the time, every member of the Russian military was convinced the death of Lebed was no accident, but rather another hit by the international Jewish mafia, an organization that had long since taken control over much of Russia’s economy. Lebed, likely the most popular man in Russia at the time, was going to build a national socialist empire—possibly with Chinese assistance—based on the massive oil and mineral wealth of the region.
Had he succeeded, world history could have changed, and the 21st century would look very different. Prior to that, dozens of anti-Zionists in Russia had been murdered by car bombs or other devices, while none of the cases was ever solved. Only a handful was even investigated.

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The very fact that the Jewish mafia (often misnamed the “Russian” mafia) was capable of completely covering its tracks, being completely left out of all news reports surrounding the incident, while the common people (in Russia) were utterly convinced of their complicity, proves the immense strength of this rather new movement of organized crime. The Jewish mafia is nothing like their Irish or Italian predecessors in its American or European operations. They are richer, more international in scope and far more violent and ruthless. They kill children. They kill policemen and their families. They kill whomever they like. There has been nothing like it before in the history of the globe. And they are just getting started.
The major figure in uncovering the web of secrecy that surrounds the Jewish mafia was a journalist named Robert I. Friedman, who died at an early age from a “tropical disease.” He has interviewed the major figures in this underground and has uncovered their hiding spots and plans. After his book on the subject was published, major mafia leaders put a bounty on his head. The “Russian” mafia knows that it can kill with impunity, and, given their cozy relationship with European and American intelligence agencies, their immunity from real prosecution will only get more pronounced.

Friedman’s work is breathtaking in scope, and this essay will cite him extensively, especially his book Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America. Friedman is not afraid to state the obvious, namely, that the entire “Russian” mafia is Jewish, without exception, and that they have used this as a shield to deflect criticism. This shield has permitted them to grow and prosper. Further, Friedman is also not afraid to admit that Jewish organizations throughout the world, led by the Anti-Defamation League, are the beneficiaries of largesse coming from organized crime, and that the organizations in question are aware of it. In other words, Jewish organized crime is considered an acceptable part of Jewish life, and that Jewish organizations have actually lobbied law enforcement to stop investigations into this phenomenon, almost always with success. The confirmation of Zionist Michael Chertoff to the post as chief of Homeland Security guarantees that Jewish organized crime in America will not be at the receiving end of the many stings that have targeted the Italian Mafia.
The roots of Jewish organized crime, it is said, go far back into tsarist times. Organized crime syndicates assisted Lenin’s gangs in bank robberies and the creation of general mayhem. During the so-called revolution, it was difficult, sometimes impossible, to distinguish between Bolshevik ideologues and Jewish organized crime syndicates. They acted in nearly an identical manner.
However, in more modern times, they seem to have had their roots in the waning days of the stagnant USSR under Leonid Brezhnev. By the late 1970s, the Russian economy was driven by the black market, and the early stages of the Jewish mafia were involved in this black underground. In fact, the Russian socialist economy would have collapsed much sooner if it had not been propped up by the extensive black economy. Soon, the rulers of the black market became so powerful they were able to form their own “people’s courts,” which dispensed “justice” completely apart from the Soviet state, and away from its control. Many of these black marketeers had been recently released from the gulag system of prison camps in an earlier era for their black market activities, and the toughness that was required to survive these dungeons served this new criminal elite very well (Friedman, 9).
The black market acted as a safety valve for the Soviet state for decades, making all estimations of the strength of the Soviet economy subject to speculation. The black market provided many goods and services the overextended Soviet system could not provide. In the gulag, they had formed brotherhoods, much like blacks and Hispanics currently do today in prison. They formed Jewish bunds that, upon release, served to create deep bonds that exist today, maintaining a highly secretive organization almost impossible to deal with or penetrate.
Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s famous bill, the Jackson-Vanick law, linked Soviet trade privileges to the treatment of Soviet Jews. It was a bill lobbied heavily for by American Jewish organizations. And while non-Jews could not emigrate from Russia, Jews could. Quickly, the KGB took this opportunity to dump its hardcore criminals into the United States, many who were Jewish, as conservatives cheered, believing, naively as usual, to have scored a major victory against the USSR. Much of the Jewish mafia’s penetration into the United States came as a result of these Soviet “boatlifts,” which were partially financed by groups such as the ADL or the Hebrew Aid Society. Given the substantial nature of the black market and the Soviet criminal underground, and its exclusively Jewish character, it is difficult to believe that the Jewish groups who were financing the immigration of Russian Jews to America were unaware of the connections of many of the new arrivals. Regardless, much of the money earmarked for immigration to Israel was pocketed by the mafia and redirected to settling Jews in New York—the New Promised Land.
Marat Balagula was one of these. A major Jewish crime figure, he bought a restaurant in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, named it the Odessa (a major port city in Ukraine), and quickly converted it into a central recruiting base for mobsters. It was also closely linked with Zionist agencies in the area, including the women’s group Hadassah, who used the establishment for meetings and fund raising dinners (Friedman, 17). This restaurant also became the seat of real political power in Brooklyn, for in the upstairs part of the establishment, Balagula and other Jewish mobsters would convene the “People’s Courts,” and their word was (and is) law. Ordinary courts in the area could not hope to compete with the mobsters, well protected by powerful Jewish groups within the city and the municipal government itself.

These courts, controlled by the Jewish mob, were more powerful and acted more quickly than the regular municipal courts of New York City. Balagula had created a state within a state. The Italian gangs in New York didn’t know what hit them. Public executions and torturings were common in Brooklyn, and in broad daylight. Often, public murders would happen for the tiniest offenses, or to prove one’s toughness. While the Italians were very cautious and deliberate, the Jewish mob was flamboyant and gratuitously violent.
Yuri Brokhin, another Jewish mobster who had already made a name for himself in America, and Balagula were heavily into stealing diamonds from jewelry stores and replacing them with cheap fakes. At one incident, narrated by Friedman, the pair pulled such a scam in Chicago, and was caught at the airport with $175,000. As it turns out, the duo was seen by a Jewish security guard in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport wearing their phony Hassidic garb on the eve of Yom Kippur, when Jews are strictly forbidden to travel. This sloppiness got them caught. The duo was convicted, but as proof of the power of the Jewish mafia, they both got off without a jail sentence, having committed major grand larceny, among other crimes. Of course, Friedman does not speculate as to why this would be, since a major felony such as this often carried sentences over 20 years. Both Brokhin and Balagula were criminals in the USSR, and were able to transfer their wealth to America via Zionist and “charitable” organizations of Jewry.
A major connection between the halls of American political power and the Jewish mafia is the rabbi Ronald Greenwald. He knowingly did business with con artists and mafia figures, and used his major political connections to shield them. Greenwald was a major player in CREEP, the re-election campaign for Richard Nixon in 1972. Greenwald was used heavily by Nixon and other Republicans to gain the Jewish vote, which he doubled for Nixon during that election (Friedman, 31) in the state of New York. Soon, the rabbi was given a post as an “advisor” to Nixon on “Jewish poverty programs,” a post which certainly made some snicker at the time, though it was clear that Nixon owed Greenwald, and the rabbi made quick use of his new-found powers. He used his power to protect the mafia’s bilking of Medicaid programs and other crimes that were never investigated by the authorities.
His post as head of the “Jewish poverty” initiative permitted him to shield those involved with such financial scams, as well as call off any and all FBI investigations of his friends. Part of the rise of Jewish mafia groups was the protection afforded it by Greenwald’s political connections.
Greenwald was also instrumental in protecting Marc Rich, a billionaire Jewish investor with mob ties. Rich, a major player in the Clinton administration, swindled investors out of billions. Nothing was done, again, though negative media treatment against Rich was permitted largely because he did do business with Iran, and thus was considered a traitor by his fellow Jews. Eventually, Clinton pardoned Rich in a much-publicized case, and Rich is now free.
Jewish mafia investors all but took over Las Vegas, also with the political protection and patronage of Greenwald. Some years back, a movie was released called Casino, starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. Concerning itself with the takeover of Las Vegas, the film depicted Mr. Rothstein (played by the Jewish DeNiro) as the suave and successful entrepreneur, and Pesci as the typical Italian wiseguy, brash and insolent. Of course, the purpose of the movie was to absolve Jewish organized crime and transfer all blame to Italian mobsters. The opposite was true.
Balagula, before taking over Jewish mafia interests in the United States, acted as a mob functionary for the KGB. In his very own words, Balagula said that the “KGB gave him visas, no problem” (Friedman, 44) and was instrumental in sending him stolen art and jewels, which he sold to foreign tourists. The KGB also set him up as head of the largest food co-op in Ukraine, a position he quickly turned into a major black market operation with the blessings of the KGB. Near the end of the Cold War, members of the KGB viewed the Jewish crime syndicate as a source of possible new jobs for them after the old system was destroyed. So, not only did they have the patronage of the American political establishment under Greenwald, but also the decaying intelligence apparatus of the USSR as well.
What needs to be kept in mind about the bootlegging operation is that it was never small time. Nothing the Jewish mob did was ever small. This operation was multinational in scope. They had a fleet of massive oil tankers, tanker trucks and hundreds of gasoline stations and distributorships, all owned by Jews loyal to the mob. Balagula had created a massive mafia empire leading from North Africa to Saudi Arabia to Venezuela to Brooklyn. The Jewish mobsters developed an infrastructure within the oil trade that made them invincible. Mafia influence is substantial in the price of oil, as well as acting as the occasional go-between between the Mossad and Arab oil-producing sheikdoms. No one of substance was ever brought to justice.
With all the power that the Jewish mob has amassed, they are merely a pimple on the back of the master of them all, and a man who truly controls much of the globe. There is no one on Earth more powerful than he, and, as per usual, he remains unknown, left out of all press and television reports on the subject. The CIA considers him a “grave threat” to global security and the “world’s most dangerous man” (Friedman). The fact that he remains almost unknown shows the power of the Zionist-controlled media and their relentless drive to suppress all investigation into Jewish crime. He has created a massive, global communications network and employs hundreds of Ph.D.s in computer science, physics and economics to run his massive financial empire. He has penetrated every stock exchange in the world and controls much of the trading therein.
He was also the mastermind of the largest money-laundering scheme in U.S. history, “washing” $7 billion through the Bank of New York, which is a major branch of the Federal Reserve and his bank of choice. His name is Semion Mogilevich, born in 1946.
Basing his first operations in Israel, where he fleeced Jewish refugees from Russia, Mogilevich acquired Hungarian citizenship after making the comment that the biggest problem with Israel is that there are “too many Jews there.” However, he single-handedly controls the brothels in Israel, where Ukrainian and Russian girls are forced into sexual slavery. This is legal in Israel if the girls are non-Jews. The name of Mogilevich has been left out of every report on the phenomenon in Israel, Ukraine or the United States.
Mogilevich also controls the vodka trade in Russia and Central Europe.
Most ominously, Mogilevich has bought Hungary’s armaments industry. In other words, he controls the military equipment being manufactured in Hungary. He has his own army, artillery, mechanized infantry, antiaircraft guns and missiles of all types. NATO has said that he is a “threat to the stability of Europe,” though his name remains little known. This mobster is militarily more powerful than many European countries. He has nuclear weapons from the former Warsaw Pact countries and is presently trading with various governments and providing them with nuclear technology. He has agents in the intelligence agencies of all European countries, which means that he may never be prosecuted, for he is made aware of any pending investigation into his activities, which quickly gets quashed.
German television reported that the German intelligence service, the BND, had entered into secret negotiations with Mogilevich whereby the latter would supply information on his rivals in Russia. He has a similar arrangement with French intelligence. He has close connections to the Mossad, which destroyed his criminal file (Friedman, 245-247). Therefore he is immune to prosecution and travels freely. He controls the black market from Central Europe to Russia. He has a Rockefeller connection as well, as his main economics advisor, Igor Fisherman was a consultant to Chase Manhattan Bank. Friedman writes, concerning the Fed and its relations to Mogilevich: “While the bank has not been charged with any wrongdoing, some investigators believe that the money laundering could not have taken place unless senior bank officials were bought off or otherwise involved” (259). When the Justice Department began a criminal investigation into Mogilevich (which went nowhere), he accused the Department of an “anti-Semitic conspiracy.”

George W. Bush’s professed mentor, Natan Sharansky, has long and deep ties to organized crime. The Congress, State Department and the CIA all have lengthy dossiers on Sharansky, who acted as a bridge between the Republican Party and Jewish thugs in a similar manner to Rabbi Greenwald. Sharansky, knowing his power, simply refused to sever his ties with organized crime, infusing the Jewish mafia into the highest echelons of the Bush administration. A pattern emerges in relation to the Republican Party: Russian Jews usually pose as “anti-Communists.” They did this partially because they had been arrested by security services for their black market activities, but also because this posture would make them valuable to Republican operatives and the Beltway “conservative movement.” Their reputations as “dissidents” protected them almost as much as their religion.
Because of this, George W.’s father also refused to cooperate with several investigations into Russian mob activities in Switzerland. The CIA has commented that there is no “major Russian mob figure that does not carry an Israeli passport,” but the Israeli state refuses to take any action against the gangsters. Yitzhak Rabin was the one exception, and met with Mossad figures, as well as Shin Bet and Israel’s FBI, to combat organized crime, believing that it could destabilize Israel. Within a few days, he was murdered. His successor, Shimon Peres, shelved the recommendations formulated under Rabin, where they collect dust to this day.
It might be worthwhile to delve into some of the causes of this phenomenon. Why the Jews? It is true that many culture groups have engaged in ethnic based organized crime, but it seems only the Italians get frequently mentioned. Today, Chechen, Hispanic and Albanian gangs are growing in power, but none has come close to being even a footnote to the Jewish clans. Few people in the FBI, CIA or DEA speak Hebrew or Yiddish. Some Jewish mobsters go back and forth between languages, including Russian, so as to make themselves more indecipherable.
The power of the Jewish gangs is wielded more ruthlessly than any other criminal gang. Jewish mobsters enjoy inflicting pain, they murder children as well as unarmed men and women. The old code of honor among Irish and Italian gangsters is nonexistent. These old-time mobsters would only kill another mobster. The Jewish gangs have no regard for these rules, and thus are more feared. The sheer arrogance of the Jewish gangsters and their outrageous self-assurance have allowed their “competition” among the Italian gangs to take a very cautious stance toward their Jewish counterparts.
The state of Israel is a major factor in the rise and power of the Jewish mafia. Jewish drug dealers, child porn pushers, and slave traders are free from prosecution in Israel. Israel does not consider these to be crimes, again, so long as the victims are non-Jews. The mafia proved its power in the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. The Israeli state will not extradite its citizens to non-Jewish countries, and, therefore, Jewish murderers can quite easily escape punishment in Israel.
The unique situation in the former USSR, and the fact that Jews predominated in the Soviet bureaucracy, provides another link in the rise of the mafia. Jews predominated in the earlier and more primitive black market in Russia, and thus these groups were physically more ready to take advantage of the crisis in Russia beginning in the mid-1980s.
Jewish organized crime, connected to both the KGB and Mossad, automatically had the skids greased to remain off the radar screen for allied intelligence agencies.
Likely the most important factor is the complete control of the media by Jewish families and the power of the ADL in American culture. The power of the Jews in America is so great that any serious investigation into Jewish crime will see shrill attacks from every major media outlet in America. In terms of public relations, it is just not worth it. Therefore, one will see a television program like The Sopranos about Italian mobsters, but one will never see the same program featuring Jewish mobsters.
There is very little that can be done at this time. There is every reason to believe that soon, nationalists and Revisionists will be targeted by Jewish criminals with strong ties to the Mossad. The fate of the West is being decided in Moscow, not in Washington, D.C. or New York. Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to continue to centralize power in his own person. His elimination of provincial governors was meant primarily as a crime fighting campaign, as local governors were making peace with the crime bosses. Putin also needs to continue to reform the military and security services, making them more and more loyal to the new Russian order. Putin should begin publicly drawing attention to the global power of the bosses and the connivance of western powers in their rise and present prosperity.
The ruble should be made non-convertible (so as to prevent its manipulation by crime bosses in the currency markets), and a strong Sino-Slavic trading bloc needs to be solidified. Police work in Russia is now a rough business. Poorly paid policemen need to be supplemented by local militias to begin direct and militant confrontations with organized crime and corruption wherever it might arise. Putin has the popularity and the power to create a major security bloc against organized crime, as well as capitalist imperialism. Russian banks need to come under state control, and be purged of all criminal elements. Furthermore, the church, currently the second most popular institution in Russia after Putin, needs to place its powerful seal on the development of a mob-free Russia, and call on all Russians to repent and begin building a nationalist and communitarian system. Agriculture and the village commune should receive government support to repopulate the countryside, making Russia self-sufficient in food.
And, of course, Russia’s extremely important and strategic oil and natural gas reserves need to be protected by interior ministry troops and placed under government control if need be. Putin, the nationalists and the church have tremendous popularity and influence. This capital should be spent on developing a nationalist system dedicated to purging Russia of Jewish-inspired crime, imperialism, depopulation, and liberalism. He is already moving in this direction, and Russian economic growth and a low inflation and unemployment rate are its fruits.

This article is based chiefly on: Robert I. Friedman, Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America, 288 pages, hardcover, Little, Brown; May 1, 2000; mass market paperback publisher: Berkley Publishing Group (2002). Other books of similar interest: Russian Mafia in America: Immigration, Culture, and Crime by James O. Finckenauer; Comrade Criminal: Russia’s New Mafiya, by Stephen Handelman; Godfather of the Kremlin: The Decline of Russia in the Age of Gangster Capitalism by Paul Klebnikov; Darkness at Dawn: The Rise of the Russian Criminal State, by David Satter.

Chet Baker. Sings – YouTube

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Chet Baker. Sings

Chet Baker’s Autumn Leaves – YouTube

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The Russian crime organization that operated in Trump Tower – U.S. News

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The FBI did wiretap Trump Tower, but its target was not the future president of the United States and the operation was over well before Donald Trump even declared his candidacy. Instead, the bureau was listening in on a Russian crime organization that worked out of offices on the building’s 63rd floor, just three stories below Trump’s penthouse. As reported by ABC News on Tuesday, the FBI had the building under surveillance, including electronic monitoring, from 2011 to 2013. The investigation led to the indictment of Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who is wanted by Interpol and on the lam in Russia, and 33 individuals suspected of working for him.
“He is a major player,” Mike Gaeta, who ran the FBI’s Eurasian organized crime unit in New York and led the 2013 FBI investigation, told ABC News about Tokhtakhounov, who holds both Russian and Israeli citizenship.
“He is prominent. He has extremely good connections in the business world as well as the criminal world, overseas, in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, other countries.
“Because of his status, we have kept tabs on his activities and particularly as his activities truly enter New York City. Their money was ultimately laundered from Russia, Ukraine and other locations through Cyprus banks and shell companies based in Cyprus and then ultimately here to the United States,” Gaeta said.
Tokhtakhounov, a “vor v zakone,” the equivalent of a “godfather” in Russian crime organizations, has been a fugitive from American justice since before the wiretap in Trump Tower. In the summer of 2002 Tokhtakhounov , who is also known as “Taiwanchik” (“little Taiwanese in Russias), was arrested in Italy for bribing judges of the figure skating competitions in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics that year. In a press conference after the arrest, James Comey — now the director of the FBI at a time when the bureau is investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, who at the time was the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, announced Tokhtakhounov’s arrest.



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>> Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings, records show <<

“The complaint alleges that the long arm of Russian organized crime reached across the globe this past February and into Salt Lake City with a pair of fixes for the Winter Olympics,” Comey said at the press conference. The accusations were based on recorded conversations that Tokhtakhounov conducted.
Italy refused the U.S. extradition request, and Tokhtakhounov returned to Moscow, where he continues to be a presence in local social scene, boasting of friendships with local athletes and celebrities such as the pop singer Philip Kirkorov, appearing in documentaries and voicing his support for the government of President Vladimir Putin.
In interviews, Tokhtakhounov has expressed sadness over losing the opportunity to travel and live abroad, especially in France and Italy. In the Israeli documentary “Thieves in Law” (2010), Tokhtakhounov recalled his life in Israel in the early 1990s. “I understood that it’s hard to live with a Russian passport, ’cause you have to renew the visa all the time. I had a Jewish lover so we went to Israel. We got married, moved to Israel and I got the papers. I lived in Israel for six months. Then I realized it’s not for me. My wife dies, we buried her and I moved to Paris,” he said in the movie.
While Tokhtakhounov was hiding in Russia, his associate, according to the court documents, was running a crime operation from Trump Tower. Vadim Trincher, an emigrant from the former Soviet Union who holds American and Israeli citizenship, moved to Trump Tower in 2009.
According to the sealed indictment issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York in 2013 as a result of the surveillance operation, “VADIM TRINCHER, a/k/a ‘Dima,’ was a participant in the enterprise, the Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization, and was a leader of it. In that capacity, TRINCHER participated in and profited from various crimes, which he committed along with other members and associates of the Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization. Among other things, TRINCHER oversaw a high-stakes illegal sports gambling business that catered almost exclusively to oligarchs living in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Members and associates of the Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization and their co-conspirators employed a sophisticated money laundering scheme to move tens of millions of dollars in proceeds from the gambling operation from the former Soviet Union through shell companies in Cyprus into various investments and other shell companies in the United States.”
The organization laundered millions of dollars, with $10 million paid to Tokhtakhounov himself. Trincher pled guilty to conspiracy to commit racketeering, and was sentenced to five years in prison.
Another part of the scheme was operated by the organization’s younger generation. According to court documents, Trincher’s son Ilya and Hillel “Helly” Nahmad, a prominent art dealer who lived on the 51st floor of Trump Tower, ran an “illegal international gambling business that catered to multi-millionaires and billionaires”.
Nahmad is the scion of a family of Jewish bankers from Syria. He owns Helly Nahmad Gallery, in Manhattan, which has exhibited works by Picasso, Modigliani and Kandinsky. Nahmad pled guilty to gambling charges and received a one-year prison sentence. Having served his sentence, Nahmad continues to be a prominent figure in the art world and to live in his Trump Tower residence.
In 2013, a few months after the arrests of members of the Russian crime ring that worked out of his eponymous midtown tower, Donald Trump flew to Moscow for the Miss Universe contest. Among the guests spotted on the red carpet was Tokhtakhounov, who has been accused of rigging beauty contests in the past. According to a report in Mother Jones, he was invited as a VIP guest to the show, but journalists couldn’t confirm if the two met at the event. After returning to the United States, Donald Trump boasted to the New York Post, “Almost all of the oligarchs were in the room”.

FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search

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Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from Newsweek

Donald Trump Associate Felix Sater Is Linked to the Mob and the CIA …

NewsweekJun 7, 2018
“I will get all of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s team to buy in on this.” …. He also performed odd jobs and hawked The Jewish Daily Forward, … (Former FBI and CIA officials support Sater’s account. …. the south tower of the World Trade Center and explodes on September 11, 2001, in New York City.
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from Financial Times

How football’s World Cup fell into the hands of autocracy

Financial TimesJun 5, 2018
Ken Bensinger of BuzzFeed tells the story of the FBI and Internal … FBI about purported collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s … The FBI prosecuted soccer officials under US racketeering laws, in effect, treating Fifa as a mafia. … German-Jewish refugees, he grew up between Paris and Frankfurt.
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from The Sydney Morning Herald

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’: Farage denies Russia interfered in Brexit …

The Sydney Morning HeraldJun 13, 2018
‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’: Farage denies Russia interfered in Brexit vote … reaction by “internationalelites” to what he called the two revolutions of 2016 … FBI investigation into Russian interference in the US election and possible … The billionaire Jewish investor, philanthropist and liberal political donor, …
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from Haaretz

Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff: June 7, 2018

HaaretzJun 7, 2018
And now we are in a different place in the world, we are a rising power It’s a … “Israeli firm under FBIscrutiny in Trump probe allegedly targeted BDS …. Israel Baline, the son of a cantor fleeing persecution of the Jews of Russia. … it again showed how the management of Argentine football is a huge mafia,” …
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from ComicsVerse

Airless GOTTI Ensures The Teflon Don Bores You Silly

ComicsVerseJun 18, 2018
… a half Italian half RussianJewish housewife in the mid-60s forward. … Kevin Connolly has boldly decided the world wanted a play about … John Gotti was a member of a Mafia crime family from the 60s … I don’t know how you take the story of the most notorious gangster of the late era Mafia and make it …
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from Daily Beast

It’s Not Just Jeff Sessions: America Has Shown No Mercy to Refugees …

Daily BeastJun 16, 2018
Jews were forced to watch the synagogues burn, women and children were …. in 1885, part of an exodus of Jews fleeing a wave of anti-Semitic pogroms in Russia. … Division of the Justice Department, andforerunner of the FBI. … all over the world,” Sessions told a meeting of immigration judges this week.

AP Top News at 2:31 pm EDT

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>Jun 17, 2018
BOSTON (AP) — Francis Salemme leaned forward in his chair and craned his neck to … curly hair, at the time the New England Mafia boss known as “Cadillac Frank,” holding court outside a hotel under the watchful eye of the FBI. … soccer fans and six other pedestrians as Russia hosts the World Cup told …
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from Fox News

Rudy Giuliani: Mueller probe should never have taken place

Fox NewsMay 31, 2018
And Chairman Gowdy praising the FBI’s overall handling of the Russian probe? … While this off-the-rails Russia so-called collusion investigation rolls on way …. So, you got a group there, a lynching mob, so let them do their job and, boy, ….. The satanic Jews, they control everything and mostly everybody.
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from The Times of Israel

Ex-FBI chief Comey: Trump ran White House like a ‘mob boss’

The Times of IsraelApr 12, 2018
Ex-FBI chief Comey: Trump ran White House like a ‘mob boss’ … of a mafia boss who demanded absolute loyalty, saw the entire world against him, and lied … agent who researched alleged links between Trump’s campaign and Russia. ….. Bennett teased for proposing ‘world Jewish singles’ event in Israel.
Story image for FBI vs Global Russian Jewish Mafia from ProPublica

Gangster Place in the Sun: How Spain’s Fight Against the Mob …

ProPublicaNov 10, 2017
And alongside other globally minded gangsters, they established … An FBI expert on the Russian mafia, who came to train the Spanish police …
Semion Mogilevich – Google Search

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Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Kyiv Post

Oleg Sukhov: Reformer and anti-reformer of the week

Kyiv Post3 hours ago
… against Security Service of Ukraine officials who allegedly destroyed investigative materials linked to Russian mafia boss Semion Mogilevich.
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Daily Beast

How That Journalist’s Faked Murder Exposed Russia’s Gangsters and …

Daily BeastJun 5, 2018
… a famous Ukrainian-born Russian crime boss, Semion Mogilevich, who has … that Boris Herman, like his father, “is connected to Mogilevich.”.
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from The Inquisitr

Donald Trump, Paul Manafort And The Fake Killing Of A Journalist …

The InquisitrJun 5, 2018
A top Russian mob boss known as ‘The Brainy Don’ connects last week’s staged assassination of an anti-Putin reporter to key Trump-Russia …
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from

Crime lord from FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list seen at funeral of Russian …

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>Oct 14, 2017
To recall, the Russian-Ukrainian businessman linked to the Solntsevskie OCG – Semion Mogilevich – is an odious character in the West.
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Daily Beast

Mueller Reveals New Manafort Link to Organized Crime

Daily BeastNov 2, 2017
… linked to one of Russia’s most notorious criminals: Semion Mogilevich. Mogilevich is frequently described as “the most dangerous mobster in …
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Newsweek

Donald Trump Associate Felix Sater Is Linked to the Mob and the CIA …

NewsweekJun 7, 2018
There are rumors that his father was a capo in a gang run by alleged über boss Semion Mogilevich; Sater denies that as well. His father, he …
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Kyiv Post

Talking Points Memo: Why Russian oligarch was furious with Paul …

Kyiv PostMay 10, 2018
Firtash was believed to be a front man for Semion Mogilevich. In court papers in Chicago, where Firtash was indicted in a separate international …
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Business Insider

The Worst Gangster Most People Have Never Heard Of

Business InsiderDec 1, 2014
… contract murders, and international prostitution — that’s how the Federal Bureau of Investigation believes Semion Mogilevich, one of its top …
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from New Republic

Trump’s Russian Laundromat

New RepublicJul 13, 2017
His family ties, in fact, led straight to the top: His brother ran a $150 million stock scam with none other than Semion Mogilevich, whom the FBI …
Story image for Semion Mogilevich from Kyiv Post

Kyiv Post

Time to Cut Out the Middlemen in Ukraine Gas Trade

Atlantic Council (blog)May 29, 2018
The heist was devised years ago by mafia kingpin Semion Mogilevich, and has been fronted by Dmytro Firtash with the blessing of Russian …
Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump – Google Search

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Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from Tablet Magazine

“With Canada?” —Philip Roth, The Plot Against America

Tablet MagazineJun 17, 2018
Until the advent of Mikhail S. Gorbachev, no large and glorious empire in all of history had ever decided of its own volition to dismantle itself.
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from Financial Times

Donald Trump and the 1930s playbook: liberal democracy comes …

Financial TimesJun 22, 2018
Others believed she was telling the world what she thought of her marriage. … called for a “census” of Roma citizens evoking Italy’s fascist-era registry of Jews. … Russia’s president and Nato’s consistent ill-wisher, either before or after … for Roberto Saviano, the anti-mafia author of the Gomorrah series, after …
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from

Tony Blair is not the Messiah – but he’s right about the mess we’re in 27, 2018
The new political battle is between open and closed, global and national … Donald Trump isn’t a Republican – he’s a businessman who wants to close the competition. … care what he gets up to, and friendship with a Russian regime which is … and never mind the cartels and the Mafia and the sex traffickers.
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from Financial Times

How football’s World Cup fell into the hands of autocracy

Financial TimesJun 5, 2018
Sepp Blatter, president of the game’s global authority Fifa, opened … collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign for the US … The FBI prosecuted soccer officials under US racketeering laws, in effect, treating Fifa as a mafia. … Born in southwestern France in 1945 to German-Jewish refugees, …
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from

Think You Know How Deep TrumpRussia Goes? Think Again: This …

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>Mar 15, 2018
Perhaps the main problem with coverage of Trump’s Russia ties is that many … picture can be harder than ever, even with the most-covered story in the world. … and the Russian mafia and each other and Trumpproperties, we pass out of the …… PUTIN gain influence over Russia’s Jewish community, with …
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from Haaretz

The Countless Israeli Connections to Mueller’s Probe of Trump and …

HaaretzMay 26, 2018
Who is Joel Zamel, the Australian-Israeli linked to Mueller’s Trump Probe? … have developed an international reputation for election campaigns; many are …. the Russian Jewish Congress, headed by Israeli-Russian oligarch Vladimir … has named as a lieutenant for Russia mafia kingpin Sergei Mogilevich.
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from Haaretz

Know Your Oligarch: A Guide to the Jewish Billionaires in the Trump …

HaaretzMay 23, 2018
The special prosecutor’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election offers an …. Forbes lists him as the 48th richest man in the world. … chauffeur, who had risen through the company ranks, was a Russian mafia boss.
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from

George Soros: ‘Trump would like to establish a mafia state’

POLITICO.euJan 25, 2018
“In the United States, President Trump would like to establish a mafia state, but can’t,” the financier George Soros told the World Economic …
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from Patheos (blog)

New Book Documents Trump’s Long Relationship with Russian Mafia

Patheos (blog)May 14, 2018
“That was Trump’s introduction into this world of Russian criminal money,” Hettena argued. “It continued in Trump Tower, it continued in his …
Story image for Global Russian Jewish Mafia and Trump from The Guardian

Cranks have turned the world upside down – it’s time to fight back

The GuardianMar 17, 2018
Until the moment Trump was elected American politicians and … to arrange and conceal: the Jews or the “Zionists”, as they say today. … Jews. Corbyn eggs them on by saying that “Russian mafia-like groups” may be behind it.
Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search

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Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search

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Global Russian Jewish Mafia – Google Search

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