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10:40 AM 12/16/2017 – What is good for the FBI and its employees is not necessarily good, and actually might be bad for America! My impression is that the FBI is a very sick organization.

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M.N.: This graph below, from the cited article, is meaningless and misleading, just as much as the article itself. I will comment on the three main points of this article.
1. “Ideological Orientation”
The overall “ideological orientation” (rated as the “conservative” for the FBI, with the score of about +1,5 on the -2 to +2 scale), in no way can be the predictor or correlate of the behaviors and actions, including the political ones, in all their enormous complexity, of the individual Bureau members, and most importantly, its leaders: all these bureaucracies are very hierarchically structured. This factor appears to be simply irrelevant. For example, James Comey angered both “conservatives and liberals”, both the Democrats and the Republicans by first issuing the October 28 Letter, and then acknowledging that there is indeed the FBI investigation of Trump. The overall “ideological orientation” of the FBI does not matter and has practically no influence or particular and direct bearing on the decisions of its leadership. 
2. “Skills”
With regard to the “skills”: in the executives’ rated assessments, “the FBI ranked as among the most skilled, in the top quarter of all agencies”.  The question arises: What kind of “skills”? If these are the “COINTELPRO skills”, then it does not require much “skills” or “skills” more refined than those of the village idiots. And by what criteria were these “skills” evaluated and rated? “These ratings across the executive establishment” might be the expert opinions, but they still are the subjective and the impressionistic opinions, and just the opinions, not more than that, and not the accurate objective measurements of “skills”. And any skills can be definitely defined and objectively measured and evaluated. 
3. Workplace Satisfaction
Furthermore, the self-rating (“FBI employees gave their agency a score of 68.7” out of 100 in the “Best Places to Work” survey), only tells us that FBI is perceived as the very comfortable place to work by its employees, which indeed it is, with all their perks, travels, benefits, no particular education requirements, and “no sweat” work (although somewhat risky sometimes, mostly minimally), with ample opportunities to satisfy their psychopathic needs to exercise and enjoy their illusion of power, in all ways, big and small. etc. It does not mean that their work is efficient, productive, and good for the society. No wonder that the FBI is the magnet for the psychopaths.  Unlike the postulated wisdom about “General Motors” and other industries, 

What is good for the FBI and its employees, is not necessarily good for America!

We might even assume that it is bad for America due to this magnetic attraction of psychopaths in large numbers and unproductive waste of the taxpayers’ money. 
So, my conclusions from these statistics are directly opposite to those that the authors intended. I have a very strong suspicion that this article was planted by the FBI itself, they have this perverse habit of generating the “good publicity” for themselves, and deceiving and misleading the public. 
My impression is that the FBI is a very sick agency and organization, in many respects and aspects. But worst of all, it makes all of us sick, it makes our America sick, and this disastrous and dangerous malady requires the correct, accurate diagnosis and treatment. Until it is too late. 
None of this article’s arguments overturns the notion that “President Trump correct that the FBI’s reputation is in tatters”. If anything, considering the sick, psychopathic aspect of the FBI and its work, discussed above, the article does confirm that he is correct: the FBI’s reputation is indeed in tatters due to the variety and the multitude of reasons. However, none of these reasons were approached adequately, objectively, and scientifically yet. Because the FBI does not want it, resists it, and is afraid of it: its house of cards might tumble down in no time, when the FBI’s lies, falsehoods, and the many instances of social and political abuse of “power” see the light of day: objective, dispassionate, accurate scientific analysis. 
I think it would be a good idea to reestablish or establish the FBI’s Scientific Advisory Board including the philosophers and ethicists to examine or reexamine the FBI’s current practices in all areas, including the issues of the alleged political interference and functions as the political police. I think that this type of the Advisory Board, if strong and independent, can be of certain assistance in choosing the correct directions for the Bureau. The FBI, it seems to me, needs and will benefit from the disinfecting powers of sunshine, the greater openness, where and when it is appropriate, and at least on a surface. 
Michael Novakhov 


President Trump claims the FBI is tainted and its reputation in tatters. This graph shows he’s wrong.
Washington Post 
“The figure below shows the agency ideology estimates we received for the 20 most conservative and liberal agencies out of the 165 agencies measured. The FBI ranks as one of the most conservative. This confirms the evidence suggested by the party registration and campaign donations of top agency officials like Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and Wray.
…we aggregate these ratings with a statistical measurement model to generate estimates of agency ideology.”

“The FBI ranks as one of the most conservative… These numbers also correlate very highly with what the executives reported about their own ideology and partisanship. We found no evidence (at all) of widespread liberal politicization among high level executives within the FBI.

Is President Trump correct that the FBI’s reputation is in tatters?
In the same research, we also asked federal executives, “In your view, how skilled are the workforces of the following agencies?” In this case, answers ranged from “not at all skilled” to “very skilled.” (They could also have reported “don’t know.”) We asked each respondent about agencies they knew something about in the course of their work.
When we aggregated these ratings across the executive establishment — again using modern scaling techniques — the FBI ranked as among the most skilled, in the top quarter of all agencies.

According to the magazine Government Executive:

In the Partnership for Public Service’s 2016 Best Places to Work rankings, based on data from the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, the FBI was rated in the top third out of 305 components across government and fourth out of 15 law enforcement agencies. On an index score out of 100, FBI employees gave their agency a score of 68.7. That was up from 65.5 in 2013, the year Comey took over as director.

The civil service professionals who work in government are obligated to serve not only elected officials like the president, but also the Constitution and the law. As a result, officials who expect these agencies to respond to their wishes may find their actions puzzling and unresponsive.”

Washington Post
President Trump claims the FBI is tainted and its reputation in tatters. This graph shows he’s wrong.
Washington Post
The former FBI director James BComey and current FBI director Christopher A. Wray have both previously donated to Republicans. All agencies this size include employees who donate to Democrats and others who donate to Republicans — donations that are 
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